Baggage identification at airports

If any announcements by the aviation staff at Srinagar , Jammu and Leh airports are to be heard in “abundance” in respect of  almost each and every flight timings, it is regarding identifying “your luggage and unidentified luggage will not be loaded in the aircraft…” shall now be a thing of the past. This mandatory baggage identification stands now scrapped.
This has been done to “further the mission” of the Aviation Ministry, Government of India of enhancing citizen convenience and to make the journey delightful and hassle free.
While this all appears an appreciable step towards making the passenger feel quite at ease and not to identify the baggage before its loading, he or she would feel double at ease about more assurance of security which this exercise was providing in a state reeling under terror, sponsored from across the border.
However, the Government’s move is welcome as it is expected that all factors must have been taken into consideration before deciding upon scrapping baggage identification as in other airports of the country this practice is rarely followed.