Auspicious sign

25 May, 2019. The façade of the Parliament House in New Delhi is splashed with the gaudy colours of a gathering dusk. The Central Hall of the august House is filled with the newly elected MPs of NDA – all three hundred and fifty three of them, including 303 of the Bharatiya Janata Party, They have unanimously selected Mr Narendra Damodar Dass Modi as their leader and now they sit in rapt attention as Mr Modi exhorts them how to conduct themselves as true representatives of the people without any rancour against those who might not have voted them. TV Cameras installed in the Hall register the minutest details of the goings on. As Modi ji speaks, India listens. The whole world watches agog.

Ancients Speak
Suman K Sharma

Just then, a black spot appears on Mr Modi’s forehead. Is that a mole on the one of the most seen faces in the recent times? But how could one have failed to notice it all these years? In a moment, the black dot disappears as the leader engagingly goes on with his speech. Oh! It was just a housefly! A housefly? What was the despicable creature doing in the Peoples’ Hall? May be it came as a reassertion of our faith in democracy – granting the Right of Equal Opportunity even to Musca domestica.
Seriously, the housefly poised momentarily on the forehead of our beloved Prime Minister came as an auspicious sign. It foretold that with Modi ji at the helm of affairs once again, we will be eventually able to realise our dream of Swachchh Bharat. Filth that breeds flies is very much there, but it will be cleaned up sooner or later, so that no citizen of India – from the worthy PM to the most ordinary of ordinaries – would have to bear flies on their foreheads.