Assured Career Progressive Scheme

It is apparently something appearing to be ‘mixture of opposites’ in annulling a due cabinet decision in not implementing the Assured Career Progressive Scheme for the Jammu and Kashmir Engineering Gazetted Services members , by the Governor’s administration. The administration cannot afford to apply different measures and yardsticks for redressing the grievances of different categories of employees and the same happening under the supervision and control of the Governor is least expected.
In each category of employees , it is imperative that there should be well lineated assured career progression channels and ever since engineering gazetted services came into existence in the state , there was no concerted attention towards the same. It is not that such a treatment has not been brought into the limelight and having discussed it at various forums, yet on the ground no action is taken. There must be a proper well defined ladder to climb through promotions and hence career progression measures. Denying the same led to stagnation which resulted in low performance besides no job satisfaction. While the detailed notification was to come into effect from April 2018, so far nothing has been done. Let the administration live up to its commitment to do away with anomalies and sitting over implementation of right decision taken earlier and thus resolve Engineers’ grievances.