Art 370 and Jammu

This has reference to the article ‘Art 370 and Jammu’ by Divyansh Verma. The author has made an unsuccessful attempt to scare people of Jammu by giving his own fairy tale explanations. On one hand he is saying that jobs will be taken away by outsiders and on the other hand he is praising jaypee for providing jobs to J&K youth. If one firm like Jaypee can provide jobs to people here, one can imagine how many jobs will be created if other companies start investing here. I would like to know from him how many people have been recruited in Jammu University and Kashmir university and two agricultural universities wherein recruitment to teaching posts is on all india basis.
He should go and make a survey and I am sure he will find minimum percentage of outside employees there. Some time back I saw an advertisement from Punjab Public Service Commission wherein one line like” knowledge of Punjabi language” is essential debars all 28 states from that job. There is vested interest of some people owing allegience to some political parties who are trying to throw a scare in the minds of people by subscribing to the language of separatism.
Vijay Kumar
on e-mail