Are encroachers given a long rope?

Encroachments of all sorts were slated to be removed after formulation of appropriate schemes by Jammu and Kashmir Government in accordance with and to ensure compliance of the directives of the Supreme Court. Encroachments on common and other categories of land alike, needed to be removed and any delay in eviction process is fraught with springing of more complications and giving place to cumbersome problems.
Take the visible encroachments on day to day basis like on roads meant for specified purposes which are sliced on both ways by vendors or  merchants occupying the space to exhibit their merchandise and make sales without paying rent, electric charges or  any taxes etc  excepting greasing palms of some unscrupulous law enforcing agencies.  This encroaching has turned into a lucrative business itself as mafia and muscles men let, sub-let and “lease” the space and no one can “flout” their directions. The cue has been taken from innumerable instances of common and other land where organized mafia, some influential big wigs, some police and bureaucrats and even some politicians operate in connivance.
Footpaths, already since decades, have become “No man’s zone” and restrictive for any movement of pedestrians. They are even unknowingly not used as people have become habitual and know who are the ones “owning” them and treating them as their “purchased” space. Supreme Court had, nearly six years back, directed to remove all types of encroachments but even that could not motivate and force the authorities to muster administrative will and cheeks to remove all encroachments.
Whatever the reasons, the scheme for eviction of all sorts of encroachments has not seen the light of the day and implemented, not even in the least, which has led to the present alarming situation throughout the state, in appearance and in its effects,  which has been viewed seriously by  Governor N N Vohra. It may be recalled that as back as in the year 2011, Supreme Court had directed all State Governments in the country to prepare schemes for evictions of encroachments on common and other categories of land. Not complying with the court orders by the concerned authorities is tantamount to adopting contemptuous attitude towards the apex court as also towards the orders passed by the State Cabinet.
It goes without saying that approving of the scheme titled as “J and K Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants (from common and other land) Scheme was approved by the State Cabinet on Oct 19, 2011 and soon after, notified for strict implementation but it has remained confined to mere formality as no level of implementation has been reached by the enforcing authorities resulting in the status quo ante position.
Even encroachments have not been identified and data completed neither in urban nor in rural or semi urban areas .Who had to supervise and ensure compliance of the SC directives and the cabinet decision? Can successive Revenue Ministers, bureaucrats be held accountable for such a glaring lapse on their part to set an example of how orders of the SC and the decisions of the cabinet were to be scrupulously implemented? We shall be duly monitoring the developments.