Appointment of CAG

Apropos news item “Appointment of CAG stirs controversy as 7 officers Senior to Murmu given a go-by” which appeared in Daily Excelsior of August 10, 2020. The controversy itself appears un-warranted. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India is a constitutional Authority appointed by President of India by virtue of powers vested in him under clause (1) of Article 148 of Constitution of India. Constitutionally his position is comparable with the Judge of Supreme court of India in so for as his salary, independence and removal from office is concerned. But unlike Supreme court Judge or Chief justice of India, no qualification is prescribed either in Constitution of India of CAGs(DPC), Act, 1971 for his eligibility to the post. There is not a feeder cadre from which vacant office of CAG can be filled , unlike other posts in Government which have a feed cadre and the vacancies in those posts are filled by promotion as well as direct appointment.
Given the above stated constitutional position, technically any one can be appointed as CAG, by the president of India. In case the incumbent so appointed as CAG of India, does not happen to be a serving or retired Government officer how can the officers of CAG claim or protest on the matters of seniority vis-a vis such an incumbent?
J K Pandita
Vikas Vihar Gangyal,