Appointed but “disappointed”

Looking bizarrely strange that a duly set up constitutional body – The Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission – selecting under a due process as many as 84 candidates as Assistant Professors in Higher Education Department as back as in 2017 but post selection , the concerned Government authorities have so far not issued formal orders of appointment to them. Puzzled and bewildered over such a stance ,the ”selected” Assistant Professors have been trying hard to be heard for implementation of their selection process but of no avail. The question is not only concerning the fate of a duly recognised and accepted process being subjected to a response of uncertainty but the credibility of the entire exercise getting jeopardised presumably due to taking such issues concerning livelihood of people just casually. The paradox is that those in the Government job taking things concerning jobs of prospective new entrants so lightly as in the instant case .Even though their cases having been duly forwarded by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to the concerned administrative authorities in the Government, yet issuance of orders continue to be kept in abeyance for no fault of the candidates.
On the one hand, there is an increased clamour from all sides to address the problem of unemployment but on the other, a concerted , even proactive attitude and response to the issues concerned employment like the one under reference , is uncalled for and negates the claims of the government on this front. In the case under reference, if candidates related to certain disciplines, reportedly four to five ,too were selected under the same process as others who are getting pay and other emoluments , why formal orders for them are not issued, is the moot question. We cannot deny that a due process of austere verification of the antecedents of the selected candidates has got to be done through the designated government agencies before formal orders in their favour are issued. We also fully endorse the view that no short cut method should be adopted in the process of such verification and scrutiny for obvious reasons . However, we equally stress upon the need to get such mandatory prerequisites done expeditiously which should not normally take beyond a month.
The fact of the matter, however, is that should such agencies as designated by the Government to verify the character and other related particulars of the selected candidates need more time in exceptional cases, the same cannot be denied and an extra month could be taken in completing the exercise and report on that submitted to the concerned department. What, if despite two months taken, such a report is nowhere to be seen? Aggrieved candidates rue that not to speak of those whose verification till date has not been completed but what about those who are ”cleared”, orders are still not issued in their favour. The Public Service Commission having done its job with reportedly no list pending in respect of the exercise and none of the candidates having raised any doubt or need for any clarification either , why the matter is struck is known only to the concerned authorities in the Government.
We feel that with such avoidable deferring and delaying tactics, presumably at verification and scrutiny levels , the frustration and anguish in the aggrieved candidates is quite evident which the concerned authorities in the government need to take note of seriously and have the process of verification wherever still not done completed at the earliest to resolve the issue much to the delight of the concerned candidates.