Animal Husbandary’s NPS employees without salaries

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Hundreds of employees in the Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) in Jammu, who are part of the New Pension Scheme (NPS), have not received their salaries for the past three months. While employees under the Old Pension Scheme are receiving their regular salaries, the NPS registered employees are facing financial difficulties due to the lack of matching Government contributions in the salary budget. Despite repeated pleas from the affected employees, higher authorities have not provided concrete assurances regarding the timely disbursement of salaries as the necessary Government contributions for NPS contributions were not included in the budget estimate. The situation becomes even more alarming as this is not the first instance of salaries being withheld due to oversights by higher authorities. With employees going without salaries for three consecutive months, there is no justification under any circumstances. This matter warrants a thorough investigation to assign responsibility for the recurring issue.
A significant majority of employees under the NPS rely solely on their salaries, and they are undoubtedly feeling the financial strain. The issue doesn’t end here, as the non-payment of salaries also means the non-deposit of NPS contributions, further complicating matters, particularly concerning the accrual of interest on NPS savings. Moreover, the fact that there are NPS employees in every Government Department raises the question of why only the employees of the Animal Husbandry Department in Jammu are subjected to such hardships. Interventions from the highest authorities are urgently needed to expeditiously resolve this matter and ensure that employees receive their salaries and NPS contributions without further delay.