Ammucare believes self-sufficiency is freedom: Founder

Excelsior Correspondent

Participants of recently concluded workshop organised by Ammucare at Jammu.
Participants of recently concluded workshop organised by Ammucare at Jammu.

JAMMU, Jan 27: Crimes of the world are caused by lack of positive guidance and sensitive creativity. Constant deprivation leads to violence and crime. If people are given a choice, they would naturally gravitate towards peace, goodness, love and positivity. All negative emotions are either induced or acquired.
This was stated by Founder of Ammucare Mohan ji, while addressing a gathering during valedictory function of a workshop organised in a college here.
He added that empowerment is synonymous to Ammucare. Charity that creates dependency is not charity at all. Continuous feeding only breeds lethargy and inefficiency in the society. Ammucare Train the Trainers programme is aimed at empowering people to empower further people. Ammucare believes that self-sufficiency is freedom.
According to Sakshi Gupta President of Ammucare, “We live in a society where neighbors are often strangers”. We are living in the technological era where we often prefer no eye contact and hide behind the safe walls of our gadgets and ignore the world outside. This kind of isolation and alienation leads people to depression, lack of initiative and a feeling of worthlessness quite soon quite fast. This pushes people into perpetual depression. Being sensitive and being productive need to move together hand in hand. This is what we call the Ammucare touch.
Anjali Kamat, Head Brand Development and Facilitator of WOW Waste to Wealth said that “Training the Trainers Workshop, focuses primarily on creating utility products from waste”.
The waste that we discard can be converted to wealth. WOW, Waste to Wealth training program can help social and economic growth, maintain ECO friendliness, help empowering and rehabilitating the underprivileged, below poverty line women and serve them to earn their livelihood and contribute towards their family income.