Ambedkar and labour community

It has reference to the article “Dr. Ambedkar: An Echo of Labourers” by Arjun Ram Megwal, MoS in the Union Ministry, published in this paper on May 2, 2020.
The esteemed writer has referred to the contribution of Dr. Ambedkar with regard to labour welfare issues. He has also related it to the contribution of Narendra Modi to the welfare of labourers in the given condition of COVID-19 pandemic. Ambedkar is known as Messiah of down trodden including poor and low castes as he incorporated many safeguards in the Constitution of India for these sections of the society. His contribution to Labourers’ welfare and opposition to Communist ideology in this regard is enlightening.
But I will focus to the present day scenario in which the poor including the labourers are the worst victims of the pandemic. The labour class lost their livelihood and in the lockdown worst sufferers were those earners who toiled the day to light their hearths in the evening. Narendra Modi Government compromised economic growth and put a spanner to the righst of earning livelihood and free movement to save lives by breaking chain of the spread of the virus. It was unavoidable and the only solution to curb the upward trajectory of the pandemic. Notwithstanding the fact that many initiatives were taken to help the poor, many faced unprecedented hardships. Getting stuck away from homes without any means of livelihood amidst scare is a nightmarish experience. Government and philanthropy became the only way to help the vulnerable sections in the society. We must recall the opposition faced by Narendra Modi Government on encouraging people for opening Jan Dhan Accounts and linking Bank accounts with Aadhar Numbers. The vision of Mr Modi came to fore today when it became the only means to help the vulnerable sections including the labourers. History has positioned Narendra Modi at a position where he can be remembered as a messiah, who not only saved precious lives but took initiatives that helped in transforming the nation. As the pandemic helped us to upgrade health sector, the opportunity shall be used to catapult the nation to heights. The visionary leader and his team shall not forget that saving precious lives will pale away if the livelihood of people is not revived and trajectory of econmy redirected.
It is a hard fact that the world will not be same as pre COVID era and it will take years to return to normalcy in every sphere of life. But that does not mean we will take it as fait accompli and surrender to the situation. As India showed the world the way in dealing with the pandemic till date, it has to demonstrate same vision to bring the populace, particularly the weaker sections of society, out of the morass of despondency. Not only the country but also the whole world believes in the leadership qualities of Mr.Modi. It is the time to demonstrate that his qualities are not a farce but reality.
Satish Pandit