All about advertising

Arundhati Magotra
“Doing business without Advertising is like winking at a girl in the Dark, you know what you are doing but no body else does’’.
(Steward H. Britt)

Advertising is multidimensional, it is a form of mass communication, a powerful marketing tool, a componently economic system, a means of financing the mass media, a social institution, an art form, an instrument of business management, a field of employment and a profession.
The word Advertising originates from a Latin word Advertise which means “To turn To.” The dictionery meaning of the term is to give public notice or to announce publicity.’’
The American Marketing Association, Chicago has defined Advertising as “Any paid form of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.
Role of Advertising
Advertising is a relatively low cost way of conveying selling messages to numerous prospects and is important in most marketing programmes. It can secure leads for salesmen and middlemen by convincing readers to request more information and by identifying outlets handling the product.
Importance of Advertising
Advertising has become increasingly important to business enterprises- both large and small. Advertising has become an important factor in the campaign to achieve such societal – oriental objectives as the discontinuance of smoking, family planning, physical fitness and the elimination of drug abuse. Advertising performs an informative and educative task that makes it extremely important in the functioning of modern Indian society.
Nature and Advertising
Advertising is a growing business in India today. It has been gaining importance in the economy. The role which advertising plays continues to increase in significance year after year. In India Advertising as a potent and recognised means of promotion was accepted only 30 year ago. This delay is obviously attributable to delete industrialisation in our country. But today India has also imerged as in Industrial Nation, which is quite evident from the nature of advertisement that appears regularly in Local as well as National Newspaper.
What Advertising is :
(i) It is a Mass communication reaching on large number of consumers
(ii) It is not personal communication, for it is not delivered by an actual person, nor it is addressed to specific persons.
(iii) It is a commercial communication because it is used to help assure the advertiser for a long business life with profitable sales.
(iv) Advertising can be economical, for it reaches large groups of people. This keeps the cost per message low.
(v) The communication is speedy, permitting an advertiser to speak to millions of buyers in a matter of few hours.
(vi) Advertising is identified communication. The advertiser signs name to his advertisement for the purpose of publicising his identity.
(i) To stimulate sales amongst present, former and future consumers. It involves a decision regarding the Media, e.g TV rather than print.
(ii) To communicate sale with consumers. This involves decision regarding copy.
(iii) To retain the loyalty of present and former consumers. Advertising may be used to reassure the buyers that they have made the best purchase, thus building loyalty to the brand name of the firms. Advertising is a form of promotion and like a promotion the objectives of advertising are exposures, attention, comprehension, attitude change and behaviour or action. Advertising objectives serves as guidelines for the planning and implementation of the entire advertising programmes.
What Advertising included
(i) The information in an advertisement should benefit the buyers. It should guide them more satisfactory expenditure to their Rupees.
(ii) It should suggest better solutions to their problems otherwise the advertising will not get continued patronage the needs to maximise his long run profiles.
(iii) The content of advertisement is with in the contract of the advertiser and not the medium.
(iv) Advertising devoid of persuation is ineffective. The advertisement that fails to influence any one either immediately or in future, represents a waste of money.
Consumers Needs for Advertising
(i) Advertising is important because it equips the consumers with the facts he needs to make an intelligent choice.
(ii) Advertising impels consumers to aspire for the better standard of living
(iii) Time is saved in shopping
(iv) Advertising tells the consumers, where he can obtain the good, they required. It is responsible for the low reader costs of newspaper and magzines
It is an educative value.
Media Selection
As an electrical current flows from one end to the other through a conductor. So the advertising message is transmitted through the advertising Media from the advertise to the target audiences. Advertising Media are the vehicles which carry the advertising messages.
Selection of Media
One of the more difficult areas of decision making in Advertising is choosing the best Medium.
Media selection involves a basis understanding of the capabilities and costs of the major advertising Media.
Factors in selecting media objectives
Advertising objectives
The most important consideration in choosing Media is the objective of Advertising, the objective include a specification of the target consumer are the interal effect of the message upon him.
A desirable medium is one where listeners, viewers or readers are the target consumers of the market. Media circulation must match the distribution patterns of the product. Further more, those Media should not be selected which will reach the designed type of Market with a minimum of waste circulation.
Cost of Media
The cost of advertising Media shall be commanded in relation to :
(a) The amount of funds available and
(b) The circulation of Media
Nature of Message
The Perfect Media should be compatiable with the advertising Message. The Management should consider the Media which are suitable for the preconstruction of the message to the market.
Time and Location of Buying decision
The advertiser shall select the medium which will reach the customer at or near the time he makes the buying decision, and the place where he makes it.
Once a medium is has been well established and has build up a significant readership or audience, it is in a stronger position to attract advertisers who are on the lookout for such media to reach audience with their selling massages.
Importance of Advertising
The consumers enjoy a good number of benefits from Advertising. It is only through advertising the potential buyers obtain detailed information regarding the market. In the follow passages we have said out the importance of adveritising the consumers.
Source of knowledge
Its virtual senic, the advertisings an attractive source of favourising valuable information to the potential of consumers or prospects. We find valabic messages for methods of using the product on the wrapper or package of the goods.
Helping buying decisions
On the basis of advertising the concerns do not face any difficulty particularly while making the buying decisions.
Best goods and services at low prices
The advertising helps the potential payers in getting desired goods and services at the low possible prices Although the prices are low. However the quality is superior.
Rise in standard of living
It is right to say that advertising helps in raising the standard of living in the society. This is based on the logic that the potential buyers attempt to raise their level of income particularly to get the luxuries and semi-luxuries.
Knowledge of prices
The advertising helps the customer while getting the detailed information regarding the pricing structure adopted by the different productions. This also helps the potential buyers in buying decisions.
It would be right to say that consumers at large get multiprolonged benefits through advertising.