Ailing CT Scan machine in GMC Jammu

For full three months, authorities have taken no notice of the defunct critical CT Scan machine in the Emergency unit of Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu. Who is going to be concerned about the resultant hardships being faced by the patients who have to find alternate means, most of whom are not in a position to afford the same at private centres. It may be that the entire machine is otherwise in operational condition but a small snag or replacement of an ordinary part might render it back to function but the non serious approach of the hospital management is what is behind the present mess about it at the Emergency unit.
The spate of road accidents and other injuries referred direct to the Emergency unit have got to be examined by this machine to know the extent of the injury in order to start the desired line of treatment but they have to visit private clinics usually paying exorbitant charges. The malaise of funds, again, is reported to be the cause of non repairing of the machine and the issue actually deserves no comments. It is really appalling that a stand by machine is not kept at the disposal of the medical personnel in case of the one in use getting sick and requiring treatment or repairing. Would the hospital authorities look into the issue on priority basis?