Hall of Fame

This country has the distinction of producing sports legends making their indelible mark not only in sports at domestic levels but at international levels too. It is a travesty of circumstances that a great legend like Dhayan Chand in hockey has gone in oblivion and our younger generations know little or nothing about that hockey wizard to watch personally, even Hitler was present in 1936 Berlin Olympics in the stadium when India played against Hitler’s Germany. How many of us know that Germany got a crushing defeat of 8-1 by India in that international event? Though Hitler was shocked at the defeat of Germany , he was at the same time,bewildered seeing the magic of hockey Dhayan Chand played especially as if really the ball not separating from the blade of hockey of the Indian hero. So much was he impressed by the Indian hockey wizard that not only did he offer to him the German citizenship but a good rank in German Army which the Indian legend politely but firmly declined. Bringing laurels to the country like by Dhyan Chand has remained unique of its own class.
Cricket has become so much popular in India especially over the last three to four decades that if it is termed as a passion, if not an addiction, it would not be an exaggeration. Sachin Tendulkar, like Dhyan Chand had learnt the basics of cricket from the levels of the ‘rustics’ in the sense right from small home compound to lanes etc. Consistency in practice and a religious regularity started paying dividends to Sachin whose talent travelled beyond his home, locality and even the city. Rest of the story is known to each and every Indian.
When India had Sunil Gavaskar, perhaps the only one in the team to comfortably manage the tsunami of seam bowlers in international cricket, we wondered who could replace him in his talent. Sachin not only fitted in the situation but beat many records of internationally acclaimed cricketers. His stepping back and across on back foot to face any type of bowler and to hit to boundaries has been his style of batting. He perhaps knew which shot to use under various types of the bowls thrown during the same over. Half tonners and tonners came like money minting machines from his bat. That is why not only has he been adequately honoured by the country by conferring the highest civilian award but even nominated for the supreme legislative body of the Republic of India.
Sachin has not stopped at that only. He has done proud to India and the Indian cricket by being recently inducted into the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame. He has thus helped the chain of such honours getting further lengthened as the earlier ones were Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Bishan Singh Bedi, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble. Having many batting records under his belt, Sachin deserved the same as he has scored nearly 16000 runs in tests and 18426 runs in ODIs, bidding adieu to cricket in late 2013. Allan Donald, the South African fast bowler, one of the best in that country, too has been bestowed with this honour.