Abrogation of Art 370 incomplete, done treacherously: AIBCU

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 25: All India Backward Classes Union (AIBCU) today stated that abrogation of Art 370 is not complete, it is a partial one and specific which has been done in a very treacherous manner and has further snatched the rights of the poor which were snatched during the existence of Art 370.
In a meeting of the Union, Prof Kali Dass, general secretary, said that statement of Home Minister Amit Shah that abrogation of Art 370 led complete integration of Jammu and Kashmir with India is not digestible. He said that on the name of abrogation of Art 370, BJP has further finished the poor.
“Abrogation of Art 370 in the present form is on the face values of the State people where for some Article 370 stands abrogated while for others it remains invoked,” he said adding that BJP allowed 10% reservation to EWS, 3% to Paharis, and also extended reservation to LoC people and State subject rights to West Pakistani, besides already given 20% quota to RBAs then what are the reasons to stop the natural flow of Central rules regarding OBC reservation.
When “before and after the abrogation of Art 370”, the poor could not get their constitutional rights, then this abrogation of Art 370 is treacherous, a partial one and incomplete which has failed to connect the State people with rest of the country under law.
“Rights of the state OBCs may be a secondary issue,BJP has failed to save its own law in the State in the absence of its uniformity in the country. Would this type of abrogation connect J&K state with the rest of the country? Apparently answer will be a big No,” Kali Dass said.
The AIBCU leader said that its remedy only lies in the removal of Para 7 of page 44 and Serial No 21 of Page 52 to pave way for the entry of the National Commission for Backward Classes in the State for granting constitutional rights to the State OBCs.


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