Abrogation of Art 370

Every progressive mind should read and re-read Brig. Anil Gupta’s article, ‘History of Struggle for abrogation of Article 370′ published in this paper on 29.08.2019.
The historical facts detailed therein needed a re-telling as the youth today know little about these. In fact, the martyrdom of 15 youths during the Praja Parishad agitation cannot be a BJP-Office affair any longer. Their names should be engraved in stone and plaque be dedicated to them at a prominent public place. Further, the day they attained martyrdom should be declared as Martyrs’ Day.
It also reveals that the Constituent Assembly was a one-party assemblage with vested interests.
The glorious chapters of supreme sacrifices and untiring struggle for integration of our state with Indian Union are a factual account of our history. Abrogation of the dangerous articles has been achieved now.
Yet, the role of many dramatis personae of the ninety-fifties and thereafter, positive or negative, stands fully exposed.
History judges us all, after all.
Dr Kuldip Kumar Kaul
Gole Gujral Road, Jammu