Apprehension among people

Abrogation of article 370, 35 A and bifurcation of state into two UTs is creating apprehension in the people about the future course of action undertaken by the centre Govt. about laws to be framed which can protect identity,culture, jobs and land of people of Jammu and Kashmir and won’t allow any loss to people of the region.
Whether there be Domicile Act for J&K like in Himachal Pardesh,North East States and other parts of the country, reservation in jobs for local youth , reservation in geting addmission in universities and colleges or they have to compete with youth of other parts of India. It may be stated that despite allocation of huge funds our region lags behind other states in field of education,health,infrasture and jobs due to corruption in almost all sectors in last 70 years. Some people for their vested interest sitting at the helm of affair looted J&K. All this leads a common man to contemplate about new laws to be framed to govern UT’s. People are also hopeful about the Central Govt assurance of granting statehood status to J&K once it come out of the turbulance.
Ajay Singh Jamwal
Coventry University (UK)