A valuable collection

Rajeshwar Singh Raju

Book : Jammu Kush Vibhutian Evm
Sanskriti Paridrishya
Year of Publication : 2018
Pages : 144
Cost Price : Rs 300
Publication : Akshya Prakashan , Ansari Road,
New Delhi

About Author
Kewal Krishan ‘Shakir’ is an eminent writer in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English and Dogri language. He has more than 14 books to his credit that have been published in different languages. For the last so many years he has been contributing as a poet for All India Radio Jammu and exhibiting his potential as a distinguished poet on other platforms also thus himself in literary circles. What differentiates him from others is that he has worked intensely on the cultural traditions of Jammu region. He has compiled his works in the shape of books so that the generations should get to know about the rich cultural heritage. His works have been admired critically and need to be a vital part of literary collection particularly for all Dogras and for those also who are really interested to know about the eminent historical personalities and significant cultural traditions of Duggar Pradesh.
About Book
The book “Jammu Kush Vibhutian Evm Sanskriti Paridrishya”, as is evident from the title itself is about the prominent personalities and cultural references of Jammu region. The book contains 23 write-ups like General Zorawar Singh, General Baz Singh, Raja Mal Dev, Raja Ranjeet Singh, Raja Kripal Paul_ savior of Basohli paintings, Sawla Singh Chib The confidant of Maharaja Pratap Singh, The warrior_ Miyan Dido, Prominent social activist Dr. L C Gupta, Freedom Fighter N.D. Denial, Martyr Veer Ram Chand, Eminent Personality Master Mohan Lal Gupta, Dr. Karan Singh, Lady of the year-1999 Vijay Gandotra, Duggar’s famous sculptor Ravinder Singh Jamwal, Pride of state Sardar Bana Singh honored with Paramveer chakra, Famous Dogri and Punjabi Folk singer C. S. Katil, The saviour of Duggar Heritage Sardar Inder Singh, etc. At the same time it has informative articles like ‘Monuments of Ramnagar’, ‘Jammu festival An Exhibition of Duggar Pardesh’, ‘References of Past An Exhibition’, ‘Art Gallery’, ‘Jammu Brief Introduction’ and ‘Today’s Jammu’.
Book has some familiar personalities but there are those also who are lesser known to the present generation. It’s a matter of concern that despite having rendered significant services in their respective fields, they have not got due regards in present era. The fact remains that it’s our foremost duty that memories of such personalities should ever remain in the memories of the inhabitants of this part of world at least. This book has appreciably documented these personalities so that they should reach to everyone.
Amazingly, Kewal Krishan ‘Shakir’ has been working tirelessly on the subjects that require a lot of research, patience and dedication to bring the noble souls of past into limelight in present era also. The generation might be boasting of grabbing knowledge of every field thanks to revolution of Information technology that has crisped the world in a Global Village, but they are ignorant about their own rich culture. Moreover, no one has made any effort to upload the detailed information about these prominent figures from the region on internet so that they should have world wide access.
However, the commitment of ‘Shakir’ for such a noble cause needs all appreciation. Such books should reach every student and others through private collection, District Libraries or school and college libraries.
The book has been written in a very simple language. The cover page is attractive and cost is bearable. The contents therein are so important that it tells us about our own Jammu with historical references and the prominent noble souls who were born here and have worked with all devotion for the welfare of the people and region thus attaining immortality. It’s our duty now that their memories never fade away. The book serves the purpose to a larger extent.