Significance of Daily Yajyen

Swami Ram Swarup

As is violence, so is pollution. Pollution has also become an extremely difficult problem for the nation as a whole, due to which mainly the life of the people of metropolitan cities has become burdensome.
But we should pay our attention towards vedic knowledge like Rigved mantra 1/22/15, wherein Almighty God has provided us with vast expanded earth to bestow extreme happiness and prosperity only and not to face any problem like pollution etc., by us, if we follow vedic preach.
The universe is created by God and therefore constitution of vedas only governs the earth. However, when people do not follow vedi crules and regulations, which emanate directly from God, to live upon, then destruction starts.
In this regard, Vedas state that by performing daily agnihotra/Yajyen, pollution from the air, land and water gets destroyed completely. But due to lack of Vedas’ knowledge, we adopt several means except agnihotra to destroy pollution.However the problem of pollution remains unsolved because man-made means are being adopted and not God-made vedic preach.
Study of Mahabharat epic, Shastras and Valmiki Ramayan reveals that during previous yugas there was no house where daily agnihotra was not performed. As a result, there was no pollution on the earth. Then what more evidence to get happiness by following vedic path is required?
Vedas preach to perform pious deeds briefed therein to destroy sorrows including performing agnihotra/Yajyen to remove pollution completely, to attain long ill free happy life. Benefits of Yajyen to destroy pollution are also mentioned below:-
When we offer ghee and samigri with ved mantras in the burning fire of havankund, it is the nature of fire that it disintegrates them into unlimited minutest atoms along with the quality of each matter and when air and sunrays make contact with these matters, they spread the said matters in whole universe, the divine qualities of the matters destroy pollution and Yajyen purifies earth, space and heavenly bodies emitting light for innumerable times (Yajurved mantra 1/2 refers).
The fire in this process contains the minutest atoms of ghee and several types of herbs in the shape of Samigri, by touching which the air is purified.
In this process, the sun rays and air, both carry the above quoted minutest particles and spread the same in whole universe which further purify the whole atmosphere. At this juncture, pollution is removed from its roots, as was being removed in previous yugas.
Yajurved says that following four types of matters are mainly used to prepare Samigri:-
Sweet items like honey, jaggery, raw sugar etc.
Antibiotic herbs like gyol, etc.
Nutrition like pure ghee, dry fruits etc.
Fragrant materials like elaichi (cardamom), dried petals, flowers etc.
God orders in Yajurved mantra 1/1to perform Yajyen with Ved mantras which prevents infectious diseases and gives constant pleasure.
French scientist,Trelle discovered that mango tree wood when burnt in a yajyen,liberates “formic aldehyde” gas which destroys the harmful bacteria and makes the atmosphere pure.
A scientist named Tautlik also discovered that if we breathe Yajyen smoke for half an hour then the germs of typhoid are destroyed.
Samved mantra 3 says that burning fire is like messenger/ambassador which does work to carry the effect of all above things to the sky and spreads them in atmosphere. Everybody knows that things/matters are never destroyed but change their shape only. There is also a misunderstanding that in a Yajyen/havan, carbon dioxide gas is generated. Carbon dioxide is available in whole of universe. Its huge quantity is harmful but when carbon dioxide comes out from havan, duly mixed with ghee and other things, it becomes beneficial to all human beings. Secondly, burning of mango wood does not liberate much of carbon-dioxide. Scientists also say that carbon dioxide is taken by human beings in soda lemonade which becomes digestible, which proves that holy Yajyen is also a scientific action which is beneficial to the whole universe.
Samved mantras 1487 and 1488 prove that sun takes the nutrition from offerings of pious fire of Yajyen and hence kills all microbes while purifying air and causing timely rains.
Dr.Kundanlal of India discovered that food remains fresh for longer time in havan smoke than in fresh air.
I remember to have read an article in a leading newspaper of India, about a country, (most probably Chilli), where a jungle up to the area of 30 miles started getting dried up due to a disease in herbs and trees. The Govt. tried level best to nurse the jungles but all in vain. The country came to know from somewhere about Yajyen which was arranged to be performed there and slowly, the whole jungle was recovered and became free from disease.
We must understand that this grave problem of pollution is universal and does not pertain to a particular sect or class. Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities are being tagged as the world’s most polluted cities. Therefore, Yajyen/agnihotra is best divine solution to counter this problem from its roots.