A simple way to savings

Harish Sharma
The Piggy Bank Billionaire book by Kamal K Sharma is a wonderful book to read. In this fast paced life when lifestyle expenses of today have been prioritized over savings for tomorrow, author Mr. Kamal has touched upon a very emotional cord by highlighting the importance of The Piggy Bank – “The Gullak” as we used to call it in our childhood days.
The author has beautifully explained the life journey that passes through many financial milestones like Children Education, Daughter wedding and planning for Retired Life. The concept of three situations that every rich and poor come across in life is a unique one mentioned in this book for deep understanding and helping every family to get ready to face these three situations with smile.
Given that equities are way forward, this book “The Piggy Bank Billionaire” beautifully explains and makes every reader understand the difference between old ways of saving vs new methods of investment that not only beat inflation but also help families to create long term wealth by ways of prudent saving and smart investing.
Mr. Kamal has used very simple language supported with easy to relate examples that certainly make understanding finances in the easiest possible way.
I am happy to note that “The Piggy Bank Billionaire” book has achieved a landmark milestone of 10000 copies sold within one year of its publishing and this book has also reached across libraries of 67 educational institutions as well as corporates.
Mr. Kamal is the son of the soil hailing from a small village Dinga Amb in Distt Kathua. This book certainly reflects his dedication to the Financial Profession. His rich corporate experience of over 25 yrs working at different levels across different locations in North beautifully reflects in each example mentioned in the book a great bond with every reader.
Mr. Kamal has dedicated this book for the welfare of the familes of Armed Personnel who laid down their lives and achieved martydom in line of duty while serving in J&K and North Eastern states.
I highly recommend this book to all age groups for best understanding of Financial goals of life and plan them accordingly. This book remains a wonderful gift for the young members in the family and friend circles.
This book is available on all online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Publisher’s site as well as can be ordered on author’s site at www.myselfkamal.com
(The author is a Medical Professional)