A letter from father to his son

My dear Mubashar
I am glad to hear about your matriculation result. Congrats my son. Though I was not crazy about your high percentage in exam but ofcourse praying and desiring for your smooth educational journey. And it was more satisfying to see that you are among distinction holders if not position holders of your school . I am also more satisfying to see that you have never run after marks but studied cool and calm without having any sense of competition or envy for your friends or classmates . This is the best I like in you. My son, scoring good marks is though a thrilling experience and invites accolades around , but it’s not the only criteria of judging ones competence . There are umpteen of examples around that students , inspite of scoring high percentages in exams , still failed to present lustrous look in their careers ahead . Reason being , they emphasised more on acquiring some cut paste informations , crammed some texts , but not the concepts which is an essence of studies. I am contended that you always tried to express answers through your own thought processing than to reproduce some cramed extracts from guides or notes . So in this backdrop you feel contended with what you score . ““My dear if you have watched movie Three Idiots, the message which it gives is very loud and lofty i:e don’t run after marks but try to know the concept and finaly how the learning based on concept clearence of the issues has an ultimate win is the kernel of this movie . My son, what is required is that you must emphasise more on why, where and what of the topic in discussion than to just store few informations and finally with your best cramming power reproduce that on an answer sheet and score high percentage . It will be an exercise in futility. It may glorify you for a time being but not lasting in long and tough battle of life . This is what probably great mother of Edison might have appreciated at the very heart wrenching moment she had when Edison was sent back from his school with this observations of school principal that he is not performing well in his class . But how his mother turned this piquant situation into a boon is a gospel fact referred in the pages of history which made him Edison , the great scientist of his times. So the bottom line as I said earlier is , to penetrate deep into subject, know it fully well, than to just acquire shallow knowledge and score well , and get a board/CBSE certificate which may simply adorn your Almirah where it is finaly kept , but not your life. I am not at all undervaluing the importance of high scores but if it’s based on the style of studies I just presented , it carries no value . “ “My son , you have completed one important mile stone of your educational journey. This phase you have travelled in your child hood when often we made you to sit and study. And at times you were just flatly refusing to be with books. It was then worrisome for us because of your style of studies was bit different to the expcted and traditional mode of studies . But you proved it otherwise. Your initatives to come up with your own style of study and answering differently to what is there in guides and notes is worth more important and satisfying than a high scoring which is simply based on pure cramming of some texts from guides and xerox notes, just circulated at tuition centers . Try to accentuate more this healthy habit which will prove a big boon in your educational and intellectual pursuits. ““ Now when you are going to start a new journey ahead , start it with a new commitment . Have an introspection and analysis of your past and them chose your new course of studies and fix your goal accordingly. I don’t want to impose upon you my choice of career. Let it be based on your own discovery . Let you grow as the man of your own choice and I will be just a facilitator , a friend , a guide in your pursuits. “Though in this journey of yours which you had so far , I didn’t give you much time which every parent must devote . However, my word of advise to you is — now is the time for you to start expanding the convass of your comprehension , your intellect , vistas and thought processing . This is how I want to see you growing.
And finally my simple desire will be that apart from the field you chose as your career ahead, the raisen de etre of my humble efforts is my humble desire will be to see you growing as a good human being, a very positive and productive citizen , a person who by dint of his capacity and comptence help in lessening the chaos and conflicts around than to just feel contended by his own status and salary , sit in his own cosy drawing rooms with very scant regards for realties of life. I would like you to see you finaly a person who must be able to contribute best to the humanity which will truely distinguish you as an educated man in a real sense than just a technocrats or degree holder . That way my efforts to inculcate in you the qualties of head and heart, of a true human being will go in vain . You have to carry forward the legacy of your grand father khurshid Ahmed Bismil who lit the candle of education in the dense dark of Pirpanchal in early seventies , a role model for you to sacrifice your best for the best of the society you belong to and humanity at large . This is what I wish and desire for you to move ahead in a fashion which finally give us a moment to rejoice and feel contended. ““God bless you and all your class mates who travelled this childhood journey with you and today brought laurels for their parents , relatives , teachers and your Alma mater. ““God bless you and your all friends and class mates.
““ Your papa.
Tahir Khurshid Raina