A guide to right living

Kamini Sambyal
Name of Book: Be a monk
Author : Chetan Prabhakar

A brand-new book titled “Be a Monk” has hit the literary market with a bang and is aiming its way to the top of all reading charts. The book has been authored by Chetan Prabhkar who’s a successful lawyer practising at the Supreme Court of India and Jammu & Kashmir High Court, a monk by heart and a Modern-day Yogi. Chetan has spent a lot of time with monks, gurus and saints to find the secret of living a contented and truly happy life. In addition to this, Chetan is a columnist and has written many articles/columns on the importance and need of mindfulness in present times, which are exclusively a part of this book now. He has also been felicitated the ‘Best Columnist Award 2021’ for writing columns on mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing.
There was a point of time in Chetan’s life when he experienced anxiety and depression and that motivated him to read through some of the verses of the Bhagavad Geeta upon the conquering of mind for reaching a state of tranquillity, true happiness and eternal bliss. His new book, “Be a Monk”, provides an insight into various spiritual practises with a main focus on the practise of the Right Mindfulness. Right Mindfulness was the basic practise suggested by the Buddha to the Monks. Hence, to live a truly happy and blissful life, one has to ultimately be a monk. This book provides the secret for living a blissful life even amidst the greatest of difficulties and not losing the hope and spirit of moving a head during difficult times with ease and composure.
We all go through certain challenging situations in our lives which break us and push us to our lowest phase in life. This book is a key to attaining a meditative state of mind even when things are not working in your favour. The author believes that reaching the state of equanimity in life is an art that can be mastered through the practice of right mindfulness. Only after achieving this meditative state of mind can a person truly start living a happy and untroubled life and only in such a state, one cannot be impacted negatively in their bad times and not be too elated in their good times. After achieving this right mindfulness, your approach to life becomes equanimous and balanced. You can find your true, unique self and discover the deeper meaning and higher purpose of your life.
Be A Monk is an endeavour to help the readers to boost confidence and improve their lives from the impact of irreparable setbacks and mental turmoil caused by uncertain times and uncontrollable circumstances.
This book will help the readers to understand the concept of conscious living and a balanced thinking and will encourage him or her to undertake the practice of mindfulness and meditation in order to lead a cheerful life and accomplish unwavering strands of true happiness, forever.
The book is available online of Amazon, Flipkart & Blue rose website