8 Different styles of wearing a lehenga suit

Kalyani Channawar
If you are looking forward to going to an event, like a family member’s wedding, but cannot stand wearing the exact same lehenga suit again, no worries for you – fortunately, there are many styles you can wear it in. In fact if you want to spice up your lehenga suit, there is a very easy way to do it; just adding different fashion pieces to it, and you will transform your look instantly.
The best part about wearing a lehenga suit in such occasions is that you have plenty of room to experiment with your look, as long as you do not outshine the bride, yet still look amazing. In case you are searching for ways to do that, we have covered that in this article for you.
Changing it to an Anarkali suit
If you have a wedding lehenga suit, you might be apprehensive about styling it up: it is more cumbersome than the other lehenga varieties, and it has much more intricate styling. These factors might make you decide to just keep it in your wardrobe and leave it to gather dust for many days.
However, this does not need to be the case, as you can change it to an Anarkali suit that is at least floor length, and get loads of compliments along with it because it looks so good. This is an easy process, as it will only need you to attach the lehenga with your choli, and you can even customize it more by adding some zari work on its waistline and change it to an empire suit. To complete the look, you can wear a sleek hair bun, matte lipstick and some smoky eye makeup, and heels.
Combining a thin-pleat dupatta with another dupatta
If you happen to own a heavily embroidered blouse that you want to show off even while wearing the suit (to be honest, that is many of us), then this styling technique will fit you well. However, you also need to be careful about it – it will not suit you if you have a heavy upper body.
Its main flexibility is due to the second dupatta, which you can play around with by bringing it to the front instead of leaving it at the back or sides. If you have a heavier upper body but still want to wear it, you can create an illusion of a slimmer figure by covering one side of the second dupatta.
Tying a single dupatta around your waist
The best part about this styling method – it is very simple, and you do not require a draping stylist to achieve it. You create it by tangling one hand in the dupatta, while leaving the other free to give a showcase of your beautiful blouse. The simplicity of the look makes it quick and easy, and you can get it in five minutes or less.
Using the traditional Guajarati draping style
You might be wondering what draping styles you can use in your lehenga suit, as you might have tried all of them – but the Gujarati style never seems to go out of fashion, remains timeless, and looks elegant. No longer do you need to rely on the same drapes you use every function you go to, as this can work for all functions including weddings, festivals and pre-wedding ones.
Using a long jacket (embellished)
If you want to instantly bring the wow factor to your lehenga suit, then this is a contemporary idea that can work really well, especially for bridal lehengas.
For instance, wearing an embellished jacket and doing zardosi work on it, will likely look very beautiful when you pair it with your lehenga suit. On the other hand, you can show a charismatic nature to your personality by wearing a sheer jacket that has very detailed embroidery. If you want to show contrasts you can wear a jacket in a different colour from the lehenga suit to showcase a strong sense of personality.
Wearing a vibrant-looking choli
One major characteristic lehenga suits and dresses seem to have is their grandiose appearance, which makes them quite suitable for festivals and other traditional Indian occasions. However, due to their heavy weight, they can be quite cumbersome to wear for some women – but you can add a light and contemporary twist by adding a choli to the outfit.
This can instantly change the look form traditional to modern in an instant, as well as allowing you to experiment with it. For instance, you can add detailed border work to the lehenga, especially if it is in a plain design, then wear this to weddings or other festivities.
Wear it with a Kurta
If you put on weight after the festivities and find that the lehenga suit does not fit you anymore, you do not need to be disappointed and give it away.
All you need is pairing the lehenga with a Kurta, especially one that has grad work on it. This is among the trendiest styles you can wear, and you can even choose the Kurta that suits you best – even if it is a sheer net one with a slit at the front. This works well for wedding lehengas as well.
Creating a concept saree look
Did you know that sarees are not just typical-looking garments in recent days? The iconic outfit is going through a major revival – and it is partly thanks to its increasing utilization in different styles, including the concept look.
If you have a lehenga suit lying in your wardrobe and are not sure what to do with it, you can wear it in a style combining a saree and lehenga look, or convert it to a saree by attaching some fabric to the lehenga. It will allow you to experiment a lot with your appearance, as well as put your outfit on everyone’s radar.
Final thoughts
Just because you wore your lehenga suit once or a few times, does not mean that you leave it in your closet. It never goes out of style, and will work well for you in multiple occasions as long as you know how to style it creatively.