Pakistan desperate and run riot


Has Pakistan stopped behaving like a civilized nation? Has it become brazenly desperate seeing international isolation? Has that country gone deep into the whirlpool of subservience to what it calls “non state actors” that call the shots? Has it vowed to remain on the self destructive path of anti India postures? Last but not the least, is that country feeling undone seeing peace initiatives in Kashmir valley being talked about and in utter frustration, that country is now targeting our civilian population along the International Border and the Line of Control.

The situation in five sectors on the International Border has gone worse, looking war like and compelling nearly 40000 villagers to desert their houses. Right from 1947, Pakistan has earned notoriety in dislocating and chasing the innocents out of their villages, towns and homes. Right from R .S. Pura to Hiranagar sectors, Pakistani Rangers are incessantly shelling civilian areas. Many villagers have been injured and hospitalized. People have moved to comparative safer areas or with their relatives or to camps set up by the administration.

Keeping a count of how many times, Pakistani forces have violated the sanctity of the borders and indulged in shelling and firing without any provocation or cause, could go beyond 700 instances. Five sectors R S Pura, Arnia, Ramgarh, Samba and Hiranagar are affected because of civilian population and forward posts being simultaneously targeted by the Pakistani Rangers. Not that in retaliation, the BSF has not given more than matching response and inflicted enough damage but at the first instance, why should Pakistan do it all and what it wanted to gain thereby is a pertinent question. Even areas like Krishna Ghati in Poonch sector have been targeted by Pakistan.

Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, in the meantime, sent out a strong message to the BSF that it was absolutely free to retaliate the shelling by Pakistan on our borders as it was not “mending its ways”. A departure from yester years in the Governmental policy could be seen in the assurance to the BSF and other forces that “Government will never seek answers from Indian forces on how they chose to retaliate”. This could boost the morale of our jawans guarding our borders and are giving due response to the unprovoked shelling and firing from across the border.

Looking to the problems of the people on account of dislocation and migration from their hearths and homes to save their lives, the State Government must do all at its resources to provide adequate  facilities to such people till normalcy restores in the affected areas and they   could return to their homes.