5 Tips for Joyful 2020

Dr. Parvani Sharma
We human beings are always in search for something which give us utter satisfaction and happiness. If asked from the people, what is happiness and what does it means we will receive many different answers. Some will quote happiness as wealth and some will relate happiness to health. Not only this people also quote happiness as love, having friends, a good job, or achieving a certain goal. Even when our wish gets fulfilled, we also achieve happiness, but that happiness is only for a while and we move towards the next, without even enjoying and celebrating our achievement.
We may enjoy a good meal, a movie, a show or a vacation, and fun at a party, but this is pleasure and fun, not necessarily happiness. Happiness is an inner contentment which can be enjoyed on daily basis instead of waiting for the moment to happen. Before starting your day just, ask yourself 2 questions? Today, shall I be miserable or Joyful and the answer lies within the questions itself to change the taste of life. Many writers, motivational speakers write or talk about long list of being joyful and happy but I’ll only share 5 tips which can be practiced in our daily living.
Show daily gratitude
Thanking God, the universe, spirit or whoever we consider the source of our life, blessings, unlocks the door to true happiness. Vocalizing the gratitude pulls positive energy back into the space, making things seem, “not so bad after all.” When we wake up in the morning and feel the sun shine we should be grateful to God. Be grateful for what we have, family, friends, health etc. and whatever we should have tangible or not, always show an attitude of gratitude and see how much of a difference it makes in your day.
Manifest what you desire
Believing in the power of your words isn’t a new phenomenon. Speaking things out into the atmosphere will reshapes how you think and feel about your life and yourself. If you will focus on what’s going wrong in your life, negativity will eagerly take center stage. When negative views hit you, just take a deep breath and relax and adding more to this stop making happiness a study. What is it that you desire? To lose weight? To attract wealth? To have peace? – Whatever it may be, speak it out and you’ll have the desire to take the actions necessary to obtaining those things. You are the master of your own life so “Think positive and Stay positive”.
Do what you love doing
Most of us live a monotonous life and wait for weekends to do pending jobs or what we love doing, but diving head first into what we love doing will definitely spark a new flame of happiness in our soul. Every single day should be dedicated time to whatever it is that you love. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. It will act as magic.
Be around people who love you
Sometimes when we get into a spirit of negativity, we want to close ourselves off and wallow in solitude and to get rid of this we need a little time to pamper our self which is OK. It’s understandable but if you have the opportunity to get around some loving and genuine energy, do so. We never know how much of a refill we can get from good and positive energy people including your family and friends as they will uplift you.
Stop caring about what people think of you.
We all generally made some mistakes and bad decisions. All that bad decision must have backfired us, but we must have got back up and did it again and again. SO WHAT! Don’t be hard on yourself and for those people who judge you as their opinions don’t matter. Developing an, “I don’t give a damn attitude,” is a sure way to free yourself from the prison of other people’s judgments, thus making you a much happier individual.
These must have been heard or read a numbers of times by many of us but how of us remember or follow. Since, its beginning of 2020, a new chapter and a new page incorporate these tips into our life. It will surely take time but make the decision to start right now, this second, in this moment in time to walk down a new path to HAPPINESS.
(The author is assistant Professor, Shoolini University, Solan)