16 trains cancelled, 19 short terminated/originated

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Govind Sharma
JAMMU, Dec 25: In view of ongoing ‘Kissan’ agitation in Punjab, the Railway authorities have decided to cancel 16 trains scheduled to start their journey to and fro Jammu/ Katra Railway Station tomorrow. Further, it has been decided to short terminate/ originate 19 trains.
Divisional Traffic Manager, Ferozpur Division of Northern Railways, Mahesh Kumar told Excelsior that 16 trains to and from Jammu/Katra Railway Station will remain cancelled tomorrow and these trains include train number 12208 (Jammu- Kathgodam), 12237 (Banaras-Jammu), 12238 (Jammu-Banaras), 12332 ((Jammu-Howrah), 12425 (New Delhi-Jammu), 12426 (Jammu-New Delhi), 12445 (New Delhi-Katra), 12446 (Katra-New Delhi), 14033 (Old Delhi-Katra), 14034 (Katra-Old Delhi), 14609 (Rishikesh-Katra), 14610 (Katra-Rishikesh), 22439 (New Delhi-Katra), 22440 (Katra-New Delhi), 22461 (New Delhi-Katra) and 22462 (Katra-New Delhi). Train number 19416 (Katra-Ahmedabad Junction) which is scheduled to start its journey on December 28 has also been cancelled, he added.
Kumar further disclosed that it has been decided to short originate 9 outgoing (from Jammu/Katra) trains. He said the train number 12356 (Jammu-Patna Junction) will start its journey from Roorkee Railway Station instead of Jammu, 19226 (Jammu-Jodhpur) and 19224 (Jammu-Ahmedabad Junction) from Bhatinda Junction, 13752 (Jammu-H Sahib Nanded) from Dhuri Junction, 14662 (Jammu-Barmer) from Ludhiana Junction, 12920 (Katra-Dr Ambedkar Nagar) and 11078 (Jammu-Pune) from New Delhi, 13152 (Jammu-Kolkata) from Saharanpur Railway Station and 12478 (Katra-Jamnagar) from New Delhi. Also, train number 19028 (Jammu-Mumbai Bandra Terminus) which is scheduled to commence its journey on December 27 will be short originated from Dhuri Junction.
He further informed that Railways has also decided to short terminate 10 trains which started its journey for Jammu/Katra Railway station either yesterday or today.
Elaborating more, he said the train number 19223 (Ahmedabad-Jammu) and 19225 (Jodhpur-Jammu) will be short terminated at Bhatinda Junction, 19027 (Mumbai Bandra Terminus-Jammu) at Dhuri Junction, 12919 (Dr Ambedkar Nagar-Katra), 19803 (Kota-Katra), 11077 (Pune-Jammu) and 12473 (Gandhidham Junction-Katra) at New Delhi, 13151 (Kolkata-Jammu) at Saharanpur, 12413 (Ajmer-Jammu) at Old Delhi and 12355 (Patna Junction-Jammu) at Roorkee Railway Station.