Zomato in Jammu!

Agrita Chhiber

Zomato is an Indian restaurant search and discovery service founded in 2008 by DeepinderGoyal and PankajChaddah. It currently operates in 24 countries. It provides information and reviews on restaurants, including images of menus where the restaurant does not have its own website.
It was recently introduced in Jammu and has made possible for the people to enjoy their favorite food on a single click by receiving them at their doorsteps. I believe as now zomato has been introduced, for many people who wanted to go on a diet would remain a dream forever! Zomato is currently serving ocean of variety to Jammuites at great stretch, but still areas like Bhatindi, RS Puraand many more cannot avail the service.
Many cafes, restaurants, and even the dhabas are there in it which has made life of a foodie more blessed and blissful. I understand your happiness folks because food is love. As the clock strikes 5 pm or is 6 pm my fingers automatically starts exploring zomato, the ocean of variety at pocket friendly prices makes it a favorite application on my mobile phone, actually the yummiest app on the screen. What about you?
So many new cafes have popped up in the city,providing finger licking tasty food for the people. These untasted delicacies can now be easily explored with zomato. Here are some scooped up restaurants and cafes sharing their experience after collaborating with zomato:
Our experience with zomato is amazing as it has really helped to grow our business in the best possible way. If we remain open for full day we receive up to 60 orders in a single day as told by a team member of Humpty Dumpty (Nanak Nagar).
It is a great experience overall and has surely boosted the growth our café. People like to order different stuff and looking forward to receive more love and orders from the public, as told by a team member of The Law Project
Collaboration with zomato is a benefit as it would be opening up more opportunities to grow. The speed at which orders are being placed is not very high at the moment, but as it has been introduced recently it will take time and soon will gain the speed, as told by a staff member of Ramada.
Joining zomato is a boon for our business and its growth. The orders are being placed by the Jammuites and they are appreciating the efforts as it reaches them on time. Order cancellation is bit of an issue but in future hopefully it would get resolved, overall it’s a great experience. – As told by a staff member of KhaanaKhazana.
Zomato has boosted the growth and publicity among the people of Jammu. With zomato many people have come to know about our place and they look forward to try something unique and new from our menu. It is an amazing experience and looking forward to serve the best, as said by a team member of Cad B and Cad M. When asked to share their experience. Kartika and Avantika, owner of the b to g Thekaravanlife said,
“Zomato in Jammu is a welcoming step for ordering food from upscale restaurants to the street eats without stepping out of our home. This is not just a cost friendly place for foodies, but also gives you theadvantage of quantity customization by just clicking. Along with positive side there is a little issue that needs to be dealt with, there have been some operational and delivery glitches where either order has not been communicated to the sellers or get cancelled. Improvement in this segment can really help buyers to get full satisfaction and seamless experience”.
Many people are blank when it comes to ordering a cake. Cherries and Berries, Kaffbery, KC 360 Restaurant and Bakeryare making deliveries at the right pricesto your doorsteps. But there is a minor thing you need to know before placing the order and that is about their timings and then accordingly you can plan to order it.
Zomato is running around Jammu with one aim that is to deliver the box of happiness. Keep ordering and be happy.