Yog, a proven Vaccine for Holistic Health

Puran Chand Sharma
The whole world is all set to celebrate 7th INTERNATIONAL YOG DAY on June, 21, 2021. Though the event is held on a ritualistic pattern every year for the purpose of wider dissemination of divine message of Yogic science across the globe yet it is serving the underlying objective of generating awareness about efficacy of Yog for achieving the cherished goal of holistic health i.e Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health across the globe . Impact is percolating down the line at a rapid pace enabling common masses to learn and practice Yog for comprehensive health and happiness. It is heartening to note that our country has successfully taken lead in this most significant matter with due recognition of the global community. YOG originated in Bharat as sequel to untiring penance and persistent research of our Great Rishi PATANJALI about 2500 years back. Prior to proceeding with a brief discussion on various aspects of the science of YOG, salutary effects of sustained practice and magical impact on human behaviour and Lifestyle, the author would like to precisely dwell upon the most frightening Covid -19 scenario:-
Covid-19 has been playing havoc with the global peace and prosperity for the last two years. There is all pervading fear psychosis .It has impacted both the developed and under developed countries with equitable fury and intensity. One and all have experienced the excruciating pain and the pangs of inadequacies of their advanced health care system and flaws of dispensation together with gaps in the system of Disaster management. This deadly pandemic has taken heavy toll of human lives and the grim crisis is still looming large. The message is loud and clear,” Live and let live, on the principle of mutualism. Humans being intellectually developed and advanced owe greater responsibility to the variety of fellow travellers. Vaccine being developed by the human scientists may provide immediate relief but the everlasting solution lies in living in harmony with nature and sweeping change in life style of Humans, which is possible ,of course, by virtue of inclusive knowledge and sustained practice of Octodimensional Yog. It shall have to be made indispensable part of the syllabus from the primary level without any whims and fancies. Opportunity lies in the New Education Policy. All the eight constituents of Yog and not only Asan, Pranayam and Meditation may be included in the curriculum because this is divine package for building up a rock solid moral base plus activation of soft skills and enabling the ten Body systems to work in unison for holistic health and personality development.
Let us understand and act:
YAM: This is social code of conduct which defines our responsibility towards the society, other species and natural resources.
Yam are five: AHINSA: Connotes non-injury to one and all by way of word, deed and thought, is also instrumental in arresting domestic and allied violence in the society.
SATYA: Always speak truth melodiously and for the overall benefit of society.
ASTEYA:Non- stealing. Acquiring things by honest means and not by corrupt means can be effective antidote to deeply embedded mal practices and socio-economic crimes.
BRAMCARYA: Exercising reasonable restraint on ones senses and desires in word, deed and thought together with gaining multi dimensional knowledge is Bramcharya.
APRIGRAHA:is not to accumulate material wealth beyond ones actual needs to maintain socio-economic balance in the society.
NIYAM: These are five principles which constitute Personal code of conduct such as SHAUCH which signifies internal and external cleanliness for becoming a balanced human being.
SANTOSH: It is contentment with what we have out of our hard labour which is the basis of real happiness. Presently the people are tensed and unhappy as sequel of jealousy and discontentment.
TAPA or AUSTERITY: Control of sense organs, body and mind is austerity which brings purity to life. Non observance of austerity in the current times has been responsible for steep hike in lawlessness and criminal offences.
SWADHYAY : The study of scriptures, self introspection and understanding of one’s own self is Swadhyay which is indispensable for self improvement. ISHWAR PRANIDHAN is surrendering of all the activities of our sense organs and the benefits thereof to ALMIGHTY. This eliminates attachment and ego paving way for Self realization.
ASAN: Regular Practice of Asans is meant for flexibility of physical body and also activates the dormant energy as well as purifies the body.
PRANAYAM: Persistent practice of Pranayam steadies the mind(Subtle body), regulates and expands pran shakti( cosmic energy) across the entire body.
PRATYAHAR: is sustained withdrawal from worldly attachment, sensory pleasures and acts as bridge for entering into Antrang Sadhna from Bahirang Sadhna.
DHARNA: is preparatory to Dhyan wherein the Practitioner strengthens his power of concentration by focussing on specified objects of his interest.
DHYAN: is practised for purification of CHITT, ( consciousness) or Causal Body wherein the impressions of all our thoughts and activities get stored.
SAMADHI: This is the ultimate destination for monks and ascetics and not generally meant for common family holders.
Crux of the matter is that ASHTANG YOG has enormous potential to transform lives of one and all and is a proven vaccine for the current Pandemic and desired holistic health. Not symbolism but adopting it in letter and spirit is the divine clarion call. BHARTIYA YOG SANTHAN, is the house hold name in the country for ferrying Yog to the threshold of common masses right from date of its incarnation on 10th April, 1967 inclusive of 10 foreign countries with the active support of Indians settled therein. Human service is Sansthans cherished goal. Even during the current Pandemic times Jammu sansthan volunteers have been conducting online yog classes for the community plus Yuva Nirman Camp for children in the age group of 8 to 20 years w.e.f 15 June to 24th June, 2021 in collaboration with Directorate of School Education.
(The author is Vice President, Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, JKUT)