“Yeh 11 Ki Team Nahin 1.25 Crore Ki Team Hai”

Vikrant Sharma
Mind Pressure has always been a humbug for us Indians. The ostensible reason to be the anathema of the WC-2019 team at an English Semifinal Venue of Manchester. A team made of Billionaires, world record holders, best performers ever, Chartbusters, 70mm screen mates and heart throbs . So many hearts in one body called the National Indian Cricket team today compressed to the last layer, yet the blood failed to be pumped to the micro circulation zones on 10th July of 2019.
It is not the first time nor the last that the mind squeezed under pressure has drained us off all our sap, Babar with his 10,000 men drained it for instance and the British with their doctrine of Lapse and Macaulay’s minutes did us the same as the roller squeeze press does to the tough looking yet mellow Uttar Pradesh sugar cane. The weight of the barbaric regimes at the centre got us Indians to be the converters and convertees. The mind pressing “ The books” get us into locking horns with the sane concepts of humanity.
Pressures during studentships of either cricket/sports or academics does the same result to our innovation and entrepreneurship. The dread of the 50% going to a reserved segment at the cost of genuine labour of the unreserved section ushers in incurable insanity of political system and a status quo to change gets us many names of the nation: India , Bharat, Hindustan, Aryavrata , and of late…….
The 10% of the tax payers called the middle class joylessly fulfilling the routine calls of destiny of having been born in India can only reproduce generation after generation of the pressure marred tear wet men and women required to vote the same genre of politicians to rule them and get multiple pressurizing deals of unemployment, corruption, over population, weight of the school bag and many more.
The mind pressure has always taken a great toll of us living between the latitudes 8 degree and 37 degree. This time the pressure of expectations, National compulsions, Changing colours of Jerseys, the team of 130 crore got a team that had 20 odds against reel over to the 80 odds against. The team could only bow at the time of the genuine build up of pressure and against a team with the New Zeal by default.
But the hope of crusade against the pressure on the mind was well fought by Ravindra Jadeja and the cool glacier of cricket – MS Dhoni brought thorough moisture to the already rain delayed match. The spread of the message that the fight has never to be stopped was the prize of the match to the billion spectators .
It is a loss to be forgotten by the dinner, the spirit of the game leads us to play more cricket in all nooks and corners of the country and unite under its banner as Indians and what needs to be maintained in our minds and hearts is the valiance and unity so that we as a team India still contest to be the best in the world.