Yayavar Literary festival in Jammu

Abha Jha
The neonate Union Territories of India Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are all geared up to pave the way for literary and creative forum to the zealous souls through its LITERARY FESTIVAL ‘YAYAVAR’ being organised on 14 December 2019 under the pioneering direction and tutelage of international author, playwright and director Nupur Sandhu, patronized by the Vice Chancellor Central University Jammu PROF.Ashok Aima and English department HOD Dr. Vandana Sharma at Brigadier Rajinder Singh Hall.
Allegorically called the Venice of East, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh cumulatively is the crowning and integral glory of India’s affluent and diverse culture which has been immaculately alien to its own native. Abundant and abuzz with its own natural and human virtuosity, a congregation of litterateur befitting treat to the literary and artistic gems of the valley . As per the director of the Festival Nupur Sandhu , YAYAVAR is an endeavour to snowball India’s established and emerging writers, poets, painters and performing artists of the region on a single agora and also quench the literary palate of dilettantes from India and abroad.’ She also affirmed that this festival would bring the mainstream close to not-so-much explored state humanistically further overcoming all myths and prejudices and introducing the youth to the world of books and creative art and channelizing their energy more in creative direction giving wings to their hidden talents.
Nupur Sandhu is the first woman ambassador who represented Jammu and promoted its tourism at the Asian Voluntary Summit at Cebu, Phillipines in 2017. Her maiden film on Bullying ,Belle Moi; Beautiful Me is the first short film from Jammu, released and screened at Plein La Bobine kids Film Festival, France , receiving tremendous international and National accolades. She was also felicitated by the Literary Festival at Yalta, Russia for her novel NUMI – The Guarded loop. Her theatrical venture from Jammu ‘In her shoes’ showcased the Jammu talent at Mumbai’s renowned Kala Ghoda Art Festival.
An enthusiastic aesthete and literary debonair herself, Nupur Sandhu aspires to make YAYAVAR a regularly held event to encourage the culture of reading , buying and discussing books and the authors.
The main highlights of the YAYAVAR are Panel Discussion on ‘Motivational and Behavioural similarities in Serial Killers’ among Jhonny Williams(Retd.IGP IPS), Anirban Bhattacharya (author), Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar( Pschologist and film maker), Rajat Vohra( Correspondent News now) ; symposium on ‘Deciphering life, Making Symphony’ and ‘Love you zindagi’ including bloomimg authors, Minal Arora, Jasbeer Singh, Rashmi Joshi, Payal Jain, Abhirup Dhar, Dr. Kanwalpreet, Vinayak Pattar, Dr. Jas Kohli, Runjhun Noopur, Ashish Kumbhre and Akriti Jamwal, Shwetima Jamwal, Dr. Nasir Fareid Butt as Moderators . Apart from it the celebrities and renowned public speakers viz Anirban Bhattacharyya, Neil D’Silva, Ayushman Jamwal,Nalin Gupta, Mushtaq Kak, Meghana Shekhar, Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, Anuj Dhar, Utkarsh Patel , from film industry , media , senior professors would be enlightening the audience on ‘ In search of future- The story of KASHMIR’, moderated by Ruchhita Kazaria with David Devadas, Aarti Tikko Singh and Commodre DS Sodi NS, Dogri Literature’ retrospect and prospects too will be the spotlight of the fest with Prof Lalit Magotra, OP vidyarthi, Sandeep Sufi with Surjeet Hosh Director of this literary festival, Nupur personally interposed to read and choose selective books, moderators, panels and symposium for this upcoming fest. YAYAVAR is also treasuring on the spectacular Kathak performance by an internationally acclaimed Melbourne based Indian artist , from the soil Sanchita Abrol.Sunny Dua and Jasleen Kour would be doing discussion with the authors Danesh Rana,IPS and Bashir Assad respectively. Poetic flavour is brought by Jagriti Roy, Jaspreet Falak, Pankhuri Aggarwal, Harinder Cheema.
All esteem guests are coming to Jammu from Kolkatta, Bangalore,Pune , Gujrat, Delhi, Gurgaon , Chandigarh Punjab, Ladak ,Kashmir and Mumbai
(The author is Freelance Journalist, SS Healer& Trainer)