Multi-talented siblings want to meet PM

A Success Story of ‘Special Parenting’

Sanjeev K. Sharma
There is a secret to the success of Indian Table Tennis player Naina Jaiswal, who along with her younger brother Agastya Jaiswal are extraordinarily talented for doing certain things which otherwise are not possible for the children of their age.
Naina along with her brother and parents was in the city of temples for a sports event and in an exclusive interaction with the Excelsior these children revealed that hard work and sacrifices of their parents is behind their success. In their turn, Ashwani Jaismal and Bhagya Lakshmi Jaiswal, parents of these children had a message for the parents to pay proper attention towards their children and be their mentors.
Both the children and their parents now wish to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tell him their success stories.
Table Tennis player, Nina talked about her many other talents apart from being a winner of multiple titles in both national and international championships.
She informed that she was the youngest in Asia to write secondary school exams at the tender age of 8 years from International General Certificate of Secondary Education conducted by University of Cambridge (CIE board) after which she completed her higher secondary education and then B.A in Mass Communication at the age of 13 years from Osmania University and became the youngest Graduate in India in Journalism. She continued saying that she then even completed her post-graduation at the age of 15 years after which she enrolled her name for Ph.D at the age of 16 years where she is presently continuing with her research on ‘Role of Micro Finance in Women Empowerment.’
About her sports activities Naina said that she is national and South Asian champion in Table Tennis and had also secured 6th position in the World Hope Team. She also said that as of now she has won 13 gold medals in different events ranging from state to national level and also five gold medals in international events. Naina has also won five silver medals at national level events and one in international level events apart from 12 Bronze medals at national level event and three at international events.
Apart from all this she can write with her both hands together and is a motivational speaker who has delivered motivational speeches at many places in India and abroad.
Naina wishes to be an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer in her future life to whole heartedly render her dedicated services to his nation and people.
Like his sister, Agastya is also a motivational speaker and a genius who started displaying his extraordinary talents right from the age of two when he non-stop answered many general knowledge questions at a television interview.
Agastya informed that he is the youngest boy in Telangana to pass class 12 exams and is pursuing his graduation at present. He is also a national level Table Tennis player. He said that he can also write with his both hands. Agastya also said that he too will work hard to become an IAS officer to serve his country.
Naina’s mother Bhagya Lakshmi Jaiswal credited the success of her children to the special parental care and guidance she along with her husband gave to their children. However, she opined that mothers have a special role in the making of children as behaviour of a mother at home leaves deep impact on her children.
She said that mothers should behave more responsibly especially when the children are around and should avoid kitty parties etc to devote more time to their children. She also said that children should be kept away from mobile phones and televisions and should be given nutritious food rather than making them addicts to junk food.
Interaction with Naina’s father Ashwani Jaiswal revealed how he took the taunts by public and relatives, at the time of birth of the girl (Naina), as challenge.
“We took the taunts as challenge and worked hard and anyone can see the results today. Our daughter Naina Jaiswal has now become a rarely talented girl and she is now very popular in the country as well as abroad,” he said adding that he has sacrific a lot in grooming both his children through ‘special parenting’.
“Leaving my teaching profession I started doing fulltime parenting from the year 2004,” Ashwani Jaiswal informed adding that he was a popular wrestler of his area earlier. He further said that both his children had never been to school and were educated at home in a special way.
“I taught them everything at home but not in the manner schools teach students. I never had different periods daily for different subjects but worked with children on a particular subject for some days and moved to the next subject only when they become very much familiar and comfortable with their earlier subject,” he said adding that he started with teaching Hindi first.
Ashwani also claimed that acquiring some expertise in some game takes more time than getting education.
Holding a bachelors degree in law besides PG in Journalism and Public Relations, Ashwani believes that children should do what they study in their classes.
“We know that in class children learn about sources of vitamins etc but still they eat burger, pizza and other junk food,” he said.
He also claimed that a report card is not an authentic document of child’s performance and activities so parents should cross check facts and activities of their children by closely watching them and by behaving like good friends with their children.
Ashwani further said that he is from a lower middle class family and does not even own a house as he lives at rental accommodation.
He said that he is also teaching some 30 more children at his place in the same unique way of schooling wherein all his students are enrolled in some school from where they take attendance exemption under sports quota to take special classes by him (Ashwani Jaiswal).
“I also teach my students games like wrestling, cricket, tennis etc,” Ashwani said.
He rued absence of any type of government support to him in his unique type of services to the children and added that financial constraints have caused many problems to him and his work.
“It was only once in the year 2015 when Naina was given Rs 3 lakh by a bureaucrat as encouragement when she had participated at an international sports event in Pakistan,” Ashwani—who is also Naina’s coach for Table Tennis said adding that no assistance or encouragement other than this was ever given by anyone to Naina and Agastya.