Wouldn’t want to see violent crackdown in Hong Kong: Trump

WASHINGTON, Aug 16: US President Donald Trump told reporters he is concerned about the recent developments in Hong Kong and would not want to see a violent crackdown by the Chinese.
“Well I am concerned, I wouldn’t want to see a violent crackdown,” Trump said on Thursday when asked about concerns of a potential violent crackdown by the Chinese in Hong Kong.
Speaking on September trade talks ChineseTrump sai that the trade meeting between US and Chinese officials in September is still scheduled to happen and he will hold a call to discuss the matter with President Xi Jinping soon.
“September the meeting is still on as I understand it,” Trump said on Thursday. The president also confirmed that a call was scheduled with Xi and it will happen soon.
Trump also said that China wants to follow through very quickly on its commitment to purchase US agricultural goods, but he said “not there yet.”