Worst peaceful nations

Against the popular belief among Indians that India is one of the most peaceful nations of the world, it has been declared 28th worst peaceful nation ranking 136th out of 163 nations measured for peacefulness by the Global Peace Index 2018. In comparison to last year, India scored only a little better by 0.025 pushing its rank up by four from 140th rank. The country’s overall score is 2.504 on a scale of 0-10.
The slightly improved overall score for India was due to the Government’s efforts to tackle violent crime, falling levels of military expenditure, particularly on weapons imports, resulting in improvement in its militarisation score. However, the concentration of power in the office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi led to deterioration in India’s score for Political Instability, and the country’s scores on the Political Terror Scale and Internal Conflicts, at 4 and 4.7 respectively, remain elevated, says the report.
On societal safety and security, India scores 2.356, which is indicative of the fact that the country needs to give more attention to improve the situation. The scores of majority of the countries of the world have been deteriorating on this account. Therefore, in comparison to other countries it ranks 60th in the world. This rank is not a matter of satisfaction for India, because its score is still higher enough to make people miserable with great sufferings.
Gyan Pathak
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