Develop Ratta Pani

Latti is a beautiful valley and a famous tourist spot in Udhampur district. Surrounded by lush green deodar trees this place is also called as mini Bhaderwah. At a distance of two kilometers from Latti Nallah  bridge in the upper reaches of lofty hillocks there is one majestic spring of water called ‘Ratta Pani’. The water of this bowli has lot of medicinal properties known to the local people. About forty years ago  one Sadhu stayed at this place and he gave wide publicity to the wonderful and magical properties of this natural water. It is seen that people suffering from chronic anaemia and all types of skin diseases get treated by drinking and bathing in this water. It is a sad state of affairs that the Government has not paid any attention to its publicity in print and electronic media, as this place can be the source of attraction for thousands of people. This will also expose tourism potential of this area. The Government should undertake research on the water of this bowli that contains iron and sulphur  contents that may be found in large quantity inside the hills near the source of water. If this place is developed properly, it will bring prosperity in this poverty stricken area and local youth will get employment in tourism sector.
Rajinder  Chand Anthal
R/o Anthal House Chanani
Distt Udhampur


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