Women entrepreneurs

Since Indian women are in no way lagging behind from anyone in their capabilities to handle, work in and emerge successful in any sector of activity, their grit and hard -working nature to handle industrial activities and emerge successful entrepreneurs too has thus been duly acknowledged by the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir by having decided to identify a few industrial estates solely as “Women Industrial Estates”. Such estates are declared to be at places like Seen, Thakran and Udhampur. In other words, these estates shall exclusively be reserved for women entrepreneurs to carry on with industrial activities. Women led industries and women entrepreneurs, thus, could generate self employment and engage more people in their respective units depending upon the size of such units.
The eligibility criteria having been duly announced by the Government and to ensure a hassles free structure for the innovative decision to become a reality, the provision of a Single Window System has been decided to be provided to have all formalities related thereto completed speedily and in a transparent manner, especially in allotment of pots of land to the desirous entrepreneurs to set up the units. Proper arrangements for Term Loan and working capital facilities too are expected to be provided as the same being important constituent of the entire scheme. However, this step of the UT Government is one more in respect of empowerment of women in Jammu and Kashmir who must duly avail of the opportunity.