Will work to address all issues: Karlupia

Inhabitants face host of issues

Haresh Singh

JAMMU: Inhabitants of Ward Number 32 are facing numerous problems including dilapidated condition of lanes and drains, insanitation, defected street lighting, bad state of parks, roads & lanes and absence of any public transport facility. But the people have high hopes that their representative will leave no stone unturned to get the area rid of their grievances.
The Ward comprised mainly of 28 mohallahs: Durga Nagar, Talab Tillo Chowk Mohalla, Vishal Nagar, Jain Nagar, Sunder Nagar,Sharka Vihar, Vijay Nagar, Indira Colony, Saini Enclave , Saini Mohalla, Gole Peer, Gujral Mohalla, Munshi Chack, Aman Vihar, Govind Nagar, Amar Colony, Om Nagar, Ajeet Colony, Seohra Rakh, Khyarian, Tarlokpur, Santra Morh and Pouni Chack etc.
Sumitra Devi, a housewife from Vishal Nagar in this Ward informed that her locality lacked proper drainage system while similar were the views of people from Indira Colony as well.
Still other people had complaint regarding lack of street lights and in disposing off their garbage.
Devangana said, the Ward is badly suffering from the sanitary problems and threat of dengue outbreak is also very much there.
A general demand of this Ward is an immediate construction of public toilets at different points. Sweety rued that there were no public toilets in their locality and demanded that the same should be constructed for use of general people.
One Devinder Kumar demanded that the poor people should get benefits of Centre’s schemes and financial help for constructing toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission.
A college student Rajeshwar Singh pleaded that sufficient attention should be paid for cleanliness of the entire locality. “Cleanliness is next to godliness and a key to health and happiness,” he stressed and expected that the new set-up in Jammu Municipal Corporation would accord top most priority to it.
Further, there are two park in this Ward and the locals, more particularly the morning walkers feel that two more parks are required with latest facilities which shall enhance beautification and healthy environment in this big area. There was also demand for construction of a community hall.
Ashok Kumar of Govind Nagar complained that there is no garbage collection bin in any part of the Ward and so the people dump their daily trash at a common site on roadside. Some people, including shopkeepers also throw the solid waste into the drains of which get blocked and dirty water flows on the roads and streets.
A housewife, Vimla Jamwal of Om Nagar finds the problem of stray dogs as a grave threat to the safety of children.
A resident of Santra Morh, Bishan Dass, a senior citizen and he finds it difficult to walk through the streets due to absence of street light near his house.
During interview with Sat Paul Karlupia, a BJP Corporator narrated that his journery after a tough contest with strong candidates, due to his past performance and strong contact with people made him victorious. He claimed working hard continuously since 2011 after retiring as Khalifwarzi Officer in Municipal Corporation, Jammu.
He promised some free medical camps, existing primary school and cremation ground up-gradation, two community centres for public usage, opening of full-fledged Government college and three Public Health Centre in his Ward figure in his plans.
He talked also about numerous issues concerning sanitation, drainage which the resident of this ward are facing.
“Most of lanes and by- lanes of the area are damaged at various places which require repair. The new covered nallah proposal is on his cards, starting from Talab-Tillo Chowk to river Tawi along canal which can tackle sanitation to a larger extent,” he added.
Satpal, the first- time BJP Corporator, claimed that every requirement of the Ward will be given priority.
Satpal informed that helping widows, handicapped and needy old aged people in getting pensions was also among his priorities.
During the conversation Karlupia pleaded for more funds also impress upon the authorities of the Municipal Corporation, the need for allocation of more/extra funds for development works in this Ward to be utilized judiciously prioritizing cleanliness and sanitation.
On the use of poly-bags, he urged the public to completely stop using these hazardous than benefits.