Will work for transparent system: Rajinder Sharma

Insanitation, overflowing of nallah major issues
Ajay Raina
JAMMU: Newly elected BJP Corporator from Ward Number 16 Rajinder Sharma has said he will work for the overall development of his Ward and a transparent administrative system.
Meanwhile, residents, while talking to the Excelsior, revealed various issues which they faced including non-regularization of houses, no land records, non-issuance of SC certificates and State Subjects, deplorable condition of lanes and drains, damaged street light, etc.
The main issues which the residents raised were insanitation, overflowing of nallah and drug menace.
The Ward comprised of areas from Doordarshan Lane, New Plot, Jawahar Nagar, Water Works Lane, Prem Nagar and few surroundings.
“Non-regularization of houses is an issue which we face in present times”, a resident said, adding that due to non-issuance of SC certificates, our children face problems while taking admission in professional institutions.
Lanes and drains in this Ward also need attention of the authorities. Choked drains have led to sewerage problems and health hazard.
“In our Ward, the lanes and drains need to be repaired immediately. Choked drains should be cleaned for the free flow of water, which comes out of the houses”, a group of residents said.
Sewerage problem in the Ward is an important issue to be addressed as in Water Works Lane, New Plot and some areas of Jawahar Nagar there is no provision of septic tanks.
Drainage water from the Army area also creates problem for the residents especially the people living in Jawahar Nagar area.
“During rains, the nallah in the Jawahar Nagar area overflows as drainage water from Army area also gets added in it. Proper channelizing of the nallah is required to restrict the water from entering the residential houses in Jawahar Nagar area, a resident said, adding that trees cutting in the Army area also need attention as trees damage houses, when falls down.
Damaged street lights is also an issue to be resolved for the safety of the women folk, a resident said, adding that drug menace is on the rise in the Ward and to tackle this rising menace, additional patrolling in the Ward is required.
When all these issues were taken up with the elected Corporator Rajinder Sharma he asserted that people have given him mandate and it is his duty to address all the issues in his Ward whether it is sewerage problem, deplorable condition of lanes and drains, repair of street lights, overflowing of drainage water from army area, increase in police patrolling to curb drug menace, etc.
For the overall development of the Ward, funds released by the Corporation will be utilised, Sharma said, adding that drug menace is also an issue in his Ward and he will take up the matter with the Police Department to increase patrolling in the Ward.
On sanitation, he said door to door collection of garbage will be initiated and a check will be kept on the people, who throw garbage in the open. “Those who throw garbage in the open will be fined”, he said.
Regarding overflowing of drainage water, Sharma said that the issue stands taken up with the army authorities. “Army authorities have been asked to construct nallah in their area and connect it with the nallah in Jawahar Nagar area for the free flow of the drainage water”, he added.
While speaking about his background in the BJP party, Sharma informed that in 2002 he worked at various organizational positions right from State Incharge of Social Justice and Empowerment Cell, State Convener of Election Cell, District Vice President, State Incharge Election Related Matters, State Office Secretary to State Secretary.


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