Will never accept offer of President’s post: Mayawati

BSP Supremo Mayawati during the party meeting at party office in Lucknow on Sunday. (UNI)
BSP Supremo Mayawati during the party meeting at party office in Lucknow on Sunday. (UNI)

LUCKNOW, Mar 27:
BSP supremo Mayawati on Sunday alleged that the BJP and RSS had spread false propaganda to mislead her supporters that she will be “made the President” if the BJP is allowed to win the Uttar Pradesh polls and asserted that she will never accept such an offer from any party.
In a statement after reviewing the party’s humiliating defeat in the state elections, the four-time former chief minister said she is a firm disciple of Kanshi Ram who had also refused such an offer in the past.
“How can I accept such a post when we know that it will be the end of our party. So I want to make it clear to every BSP office bearer that in the interest of our party and movement, I will not accept any offer for the President’s post from the BJP or other parties and they should never be misled in future,” Mayawati said.
The BSP chief said she will spend every moment of her life strengthening the party across the country and urged its members not to be disheartened.
“In this election, through a well-thought-out strategy and conspiracy, the BJP, through its RSS organisation has spread false propaganda among our people that if a BSP Government is not formed in UP, we will make your ‘Behenji’ the President of the country. That is why you should allow BJP to come to power,” Mayawati said while delving into the reasons for her party’s defeat.
“Let alone becoming the President, I cannot even imagine such a thing in my dream. They (BJP) also know that long ago Kanshi Ram ji had rejected this offer and I am his firm disciple,” she said.
The BSP had got only one seat out of 403 in the recently-held assembly elections while in 2017 it had won 19 seats. (PTI)