Why Vaccination for 18-45 Age Group

Dr Manuj Wadhwa
What is more important – Becoming safe with may be some mild side effects of COVID -19 Vaccine OR being at a higher risk of COVID-19 disease with serious outcomes?
COVID -19 situation is actually very gloomy right now with second wave posing a much bigger threat for the younger generation. The heart breaking data that is coming forward is showing how this wave is gripping the adults between the age of 18-45where mortality rates are rising at an alarming level.
Probable reasons for the disease in young
Virus mutation- the new strain has high rate of disease transmission and is seen to be targeting the young people.
Older generation mostly got vaccinated and have developed immunity for the disease so younger presentation is higher.
Myths and Whatsapp Doctor – There is high frequency of spread of fake news and wrong information from digital media giving misinformation and misconception about the disease.
Smoking and other co-morbid conditions like diabetes, obesity among 18-45 are other huge risk factors that are also a cause of higher mortality.
With the ease in lockdowns and relaxing restrictions more and more youngsters started moving out frequently for night outs, parties- to bars, restaurants and beaches. Younger generation being more active started traveling more frequently for work and social events without actually taking any precautions and also let down their guards too like masks, sanitization and social distancing.
Why vaccination is safe
Developing a vaccine is not new
Every vaccine has to strictly comply with rules and requirements of FDA
All vaccines before becoming available for public go through intensive pre clinical trials for positive results as well as side effects evaluation.
Mild side effects even if there like fever, headache, redness or soreness in your arm will subside in 2 or 3 days.
What is the role of a vaccine?
Vaccines are like teachers who train our body to react immediately when some alien invades our body and fight it back. After getting vaccinated you can still get COVID -19 infection but symptoms are milder and less rate of complications is observed.
Vaccines are the only silver lining in this dark pandemic that can lead us to the path of victory and recovery from COVID -19.
Why two doses – isn’t one enough?
With the second dose the level of antibodies rise and there is a stronger immune response which gives better protection.
Gap between two doses?
It depends upon the type of vaccine given.
For Covaxin it is 4-6 weeks after the first dose.
Gap between two doses of Covishield has been extended to 12-16 weeks.
If after first dose someone had COVID infection then second dose is recommended after 3 months after recovering from COVD.
Still giving it a thought -To get vaccinated or not!!!
* Delaying/skipping the vaccination can help the virus to take up a new and a more virulent form causing an even more devastating effect for human race.
* If you have allergic tendencies or other chronic problems, pregnant and lactating females- before getting vaccinated take advice from your doctor
* All vaccines available right now -Covishield and Covaxin or Sputnik V are effective against Corona virus.
* Don’t wait for better versions of vaccines to come-it might be too late by then.
* Time to decide whose side you want to take – safe mankind or the deadly virus!
(The author is Chairman & Executive Director Elite Institutes of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement PARAS Hospitals Panchkula/ SHALBY, IVY Hospitals Mohali)