Why sub-standard flour supplied to consumers?

Department of Food , Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs has been in news and some limelight for quite some time about lot of irregularities having been committed with impunity so far which were not reportedly rectified or set right until the end of the last month and even as on date. Besides, no improvement in the overall management has been noticed in spite of the audit report submitted by the Accountant General’s office followed by reminders . As if no lessons were learnt from the past, this department does not appear to mend its ways , the latest gross irregularity having surfaced is in the shape of supplying stale and sub-standard flour to the consumers which is tantamount to grossly compromising with Food Safety norms and contributing actively towards playing with their normal health. While and during supplying such stuff , it is unlikely that the authorities concerned were not in know of it which means a wilful and deliberate goof, inviting a natural feeling that reaping some personal gains were all behind such an activity. Accountability must be invoked and responsibility fixed.
It is reported that flour supplied by the flour mills two years ago and which is not fit for human consumption has been supplied by the Department to the public. Several ration outlets in the city have been supplied with this fetid and tasteless atta . As if this was any less in being against the health of the people, as much as 26000 quintals of sugar meant for public has been left to rot in Government stores for over three months. The standard procedure and accepted norms are that within a period of three months of packing of flour in bags after milling the same , it should be consumed , Food Supplies Department conveniently afforded to ignore this safety norm and supplied the atta only a few days back . Like this, the authorities in the department indulged in a peculiar type of malfeasance by ignoring the consequences of consuming such a type of flour by the gullible innocent consumers in respect of their health.
That many consumers did not lift this atta on account of judging its quality on the face of it and many more returning the stuff after having purchased from the ration depots did not bring about any perceptible reaction, at least an apology from the concerned authorities and an advisory not to consume it by those who had taken it and were either consuming it or had to consume it , shows how public health is treated casually by many public authorities in the state. Many consumers reported that the stuff emitted unnatural smell . Just not to stop at that , many ration depots under the control of the Department like in Janipur, New Plots, Paloura etc had sandy substance like contents as adulterants in the flour . It is to be believed that many consumers having been supplied this atta chose to feed the cattle who too refused to consume it. Numerous complaints poured in our news desks about this atta especially from JDA Complex Janipur where atta emitting unnatural and irritating smell had been supplied.
There are certain pertinent questions. Is there a Committee within the Department of Food and Supplies regularly checking and verifying the quality of food stuffs which is supplied to consumers? Who comprise such Committees and are their reports made public and audited from time to time? Is a system in vogue in the Department where surprise and at random checking and verification is done? Are the bags packed coming from the Mills where flour is milled following quality standards and whether their bags contain elementary but important particulars of the address of the Flour Mill, date of grinding, packing , expiry date , nutritional contents etc and who verifies those particulars? It appears that these basic safeguards and requirements are conveniently ignored and bypassed and that also without any accountability. We urge the government to look into the issue seriously and take remedial action including proper action against those officials who are found involved in this wilful negligence.