Why Are Government Jobs Valued By Indians So Much

Why Are Government Jobs Valued By Indians So Much? It is a question that many people ask and the answer to this question is that the benefits of a government job are far more than a private one. Although private jobs have their own benefits, when compared with government jobs, they simply just don’t stand up.

A government job does not come with a great salary but with also many other benefits that are not available in the private sector. If you are a recent graduate and have the same question, then you below-mentioned reasons would make up your mind why you should prefer a government job over a private one:

1. Job Security

The biggest reason why people in India value Government Jobs so much is job security. In the private sector, your job depends on different factors, including your work performance, market growth, and your impact on the development of the company, just to name a few. In the private sector, you never know when you will be fired by these companies and these companies can fire their employees at any time to reduce their expenses or hire a top-performer.

On the other hand, government jobs are always secure and given more value because no one can fire you unless you are caught in an unlawful act or breaking a law, otherwise, a government employee retains his job throughout the period and retires when he is eligible for it. All of this makes government jobs a secure option for employment.

2. Free Allowances

Another reason why people are valuing government jobs so much in India is because of the allowances they get with government jobs. Government employees get all sorts of allowances including travel allowances, food allowances, concession in air tickets, plus there are other advantages too such as free healthcare, child care, housing loans, etc. All of these allowances and benefits make the government jobs so popular among the youth because such allowances or benefits are not available in the private sector and it is a no-brainer why people are preferring government jobs over private ones.

3. Provision Of Pension

The provision of pension is another reason why people are preferring government jobs over private jobs because even after retirement, the government employees get paid every month in the form of pension, which secures their future. However, in the private sector, this is not the case and there would be very rare instances in which a private company offers a pension scheme to its employees.


Most of the time, private companies require their employees to manage their expenses and funds on their own, without any benefits such as a pension. This provision of pension is another top reason why people love government jobs. Plus government jobs also offer life insurance plans to all of their employees whereas, just like pension, it is also very rare in the private sector.

4. Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Work Hours also contribute to the on-growing popularity of Government Jobs. Recently, the government of India lowered the work hours in government offices to 7 hours whereas, in the private sector, employees still have to work for at least 9 hours daily.


This move was an important one by the government of India to ensure that work and life balance well. Employees are also able to give time to their families and it is another reason why Indians prefer government jobs over private jobs.

5. Holidays and Leaves

The number of leaves that you get with a government job is always more as compared to the private sector. In the private sector, employees usually get about 20-24 leaves per year and they also depend on the reason why you need the leave and the workload, whereas, in the government sector along with the 24 leaves per year, you also get leaves on festivals and national holidays which is a huge benefit of a government job in India.


In the private sector, employees have to apply for leave months before, and still, they are not sure whether they would be approved or not, while in the government sector employees can get a leave easily owing to a genuine reason. Having so many benefits justify the reason why people try to pursue related exams, wait for Sarkari Result, and other recruitment offers just to get government jobs.

6. Less Work Stress

The work stress in a government office is much less than in a private office. Work Stress is crucial for the mental health and performance of an employee at the workplace. In the private sector, the workload is more and the work hours are strict which is detrimental to the health of the employees. In the Government Sector, relaxed work hours and less workload are major benefits to the employees.