Whither “Talk To Pakistan” Brigade

Shiban  Khaibri
The hysteria currently let loose by the Pakistani establishment against India across that country, taking overt support from and involvement of known terrorists over their “jugular vein” could be possible only in a stone age mediaeval country where modern day civilization was considered as a taboo. Right from 1947 till date, its evil eye on Kashmir due to which “the reality and the purpose of the creation of Pakistan was incomplete” though leading to four conflicts resulted in humiliating defeat of Pakistan – it had chosen to exploit religion and launch proxy war in the shape of pushing terrorists into our country fully indoctrinated, funded, trained, motivated and helped in various forms. While this country had been instrumental in causing death and destruction in Kashmir and elsewhere in the country, and continues even now; peace doves, reconciliatory patrons and self styled “experts” on Kashmir and Indo Pakistan relations, keep on mortifying the Indian government to engage Pakistan in peace talks to resolve bilateral issues “including Kashmir”. This type of overtures have had been coming from both the National Conference and the PDP by turns more vigorously, when either uses to be in the opposition. When in power, the parroting is occasionally and as a matter of normal routine both as a habit and also to keep lovers of Pakistan slightly in good humour. This time,  the NC leadership notably among them the ex CM, Omar Abdullah proved to be more vocal and apparently forceful in declaring Kashmir to be a “political problem” needing a solution and that the government should talk to Pakistan so on and so forth. The current level of lawlessness and stone pelting strategy had not fully “taken off” as it has been looking now when he said that Burhan’s death could result in more recruits. We call them as mainstream and nationalist leaders, which they are, but even one statement that is given in the burst of emotion or anger or just to corner and embarrass the political opponents in the government, could have deleterious repercussions. Which of the political leaders, the mainstream ones, not in the government out rightly rejected and condemned eulogizing terrorism and to accord it religious colour? Have the people forgotten the countless moments of 1990 and afterwards for long durations how terrorism and related incidents made their living a virtual hell ? How planes landing at Srinagar airport used to be more than half empty and how “To let” sign boards were part of the inventory of the House boats exhibited prominently and visible clearly from the Boulevard ?How crack downs and searches to flush out terrorists used to be a bitter experience? The money from Pakistan and other channels including Hawala and pumped into the system to sustain it cannot be a substitute to normal business activities. The standard levels of education in this state have been much better than most of other states and even those with marginal levels of income somehow manage to impart the best education to their children and Kashmir has been taking a lead but with closure of schools and other educational institutions for weeks together, are not these terrorists and mediaeval thinking Jihadis by enforcing Hartals  and making stone pelting as a competitive commercial  industry trying to make the young fertile brains turn jihadis by paying them paltry “daily wages” for stone pelting   who otherwise would shine to lead a better life and serve the state and the country with their ability and hard work. The parents have to ponder over it and persuade their young children not to fall prey to the evil mechanizations of Pakistan to spoil and demolish Kashmir to make it ultimately rubble. The case of Syria could be a pointer what terrorism ultimately leads to.
For the first time, the Pakistani government tacitly allowed terror groups create anti India hysteria inside Pakistan and giving full unbridled liberty and licence to Haywire terror mongers like Hafiz Sayeed and other radical mongers to threaten India and eulogize the slain terrorist Wani. The Prime Minister of Pakistan himself behaved abysmally low by organizing a volatile exaggerated anti India diatribe in Gulam Kashmir (PoK) and speaking about Kashmir like the lore of Mungeri  Lal’s dreams. Not only that,  simultaneously   how Pakistan through Hafiz, admitted and boasted of Wani having called him to express a desire to get “martyred” and how the  pro Pakistani Aisya Indrabi had phoned him up to “help them” to  which in response, he promised and chanted the exact words he spoke to her in “consolation”. As if it was not sufficient to show to the entire world as to how the entire anti India movement and terrorist lawlessness in Kashmir were orchestrated by Pakistan, it allowed a highly provocative huge procession backed by hundreds of lorries full of sloganeering unruly crowds chanting anti India venom and were trying to show this “strength” to India right at Wagah border.
To attend SAARC meet , the home Minister Raj Nath Singh was “threatened ” by the  terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Hizbul Mujahideen,   leading part taken by Hafiz Sayeed – not to enter Pakistan and urged the subservient  government “not to allow him” touch Pakistani soil. The letting loose  by the Pakistani government these otherwise unbridled terror groups and their leaders on their  soil and then do theatrics like sitting on token hunger strike for media coverage in support of the slain terrorist and raise anti India and anti Raj Nath Singh slogans have  destroyed into shreds, the thin line which separated Haqqani, Hafiz , Sallahudin and other terror groups from the Pakistani establishment and is tantamount to Nawaz Sharif government succumbing to the pressure of these groups not to have any peace parlays with India and never to respond to the friendship offers of India. The state of Pakistan, owing its existence to the basis of hate (India) and the state policy based on sustaining that wild concept, does come in between the philosophy of Pakistan and India’s friendship irrespective of which government is in power in New Delhi. That is why, Pakistan tried hard not to allow its people to hear what the Indian Home Minister did speak and speak very hard and that also after storming into Pakistan. Strangely enough, it is beyond comprehension as to why neither Pakistani and nor Indian media was allowed to cover Singh’s speech in SAARC meet. In other words, Pakistan wanted to insulate Singh from the outside world. That terrorism had entered deep into their veins and rendered them quite oblivious of what basic courtesies and mannerism meant, Pakistan proved it amply during Rajnath Singh’s stay in Pakistan when he had to skip his lunch because his counterpart host did not stay back and had left before the lunch would start.
Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan foreign Minister had in March this year spelt the official policy of Pakistan towards terrorism. He said, “Pakistan was not going to fight those terrorists who did not pose any danger for it.” That speaks for its satanic philosophy of good and bad terrorists and as to why globally branded terrorists like Hafiz Syeed, Azhar Alam, his brother Abdul Rauf (both under Red Corner notice of the Interpol) were roaming free in Pakistan and were let loose by the Pakistani government to create hysteria based on fanaticism and hate propaganda against India and incite young boys in Kashmir to indulge in terror activities to impair peace , order and tranquility. The Pakistani government and the terror groups are in unison working on common strategy to keep on creating trouble in Kashmir to attract international attention to note that the people in the valley were , what they say “fighting a struggle for freedom” but were being targeted by the “Indian occupied forces”. This diabolic joint strategy is thought to work towards “liberating” Kashmir as Pakistan stood fairly convinced that it could never win a military misadventure against India, even after getting support of China.
Under these circumstances, does the efficacy of “Talk to Pakistan” brigade hold any logic? Has Pakistan left out any   space even to have any purposeful and lasting talks with India ? Has Pakistan not proved its overt acquiesce to its terrorist industry to keep on disrupting  any sort of confidence building or dialogue process in which this country has always taken extra sincere steps? Should, therefore, from any corner of our country,   demand for going ahead with track two three or whatever diplomacy with the Rogue country arise even remotely. Have we not to set our own narrative right and cleanse from within, with a firm hand, any breaches in it like we saw in JNU, in Jadhavpur, in Malda, in Kerala and in many places where pro- Pakistan and Azadi slogans were still raised with impunity. India has now to speak and act as one and one entity; otherwise we must pay an unaffordable price in respect of our unity, integrity, sovereignty and even freedom.