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Ar Harbinder Singh

“The mother art is Architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture of Jammu and Kashmir is a curious intermingling of Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu Architecture. It is an amalgamation of various cultures and bears the splendours of the kingdoms that have ruled here.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes and water bodies, the Architecture of the region has contributed in making J&K one of the most coveted destination on the world Tourism map. Ironically, majority of our state is in urgent need of immediate and concerned Architectural inputs in new developments, due to happen, in lines with the changing global scenario of development.
In this backdrop, the Higher Education Department, Govt. of J&K, has started two schools of Architecture, one each in Jammu and Srinagar in year 2017.
School of Architecture, Jammu is functioning from Govt. MAM College, Jammu. It has approval from the Council of Architecture,

New Delhi and is affiliated to the University of Jammu. Presently it has two batches running and the Admission process for the next session is currently under process.
The motto of the school is the four C’s – Comprehend, Conceive, Create and Contribute. The curriculum encourages and equips the student to follow this philosophy by understanding, learning, exploring, experimenting and applying the acquired knowledge.
Architecture starts with a single idea and then evolves into the final creation. The journey from this single idea to final creation is exciting, adventurous, challenging and tiring as well. This evolution process is very critical to the final outcome. If the process followed is correct, the solution is correct and vice versa. There are various strategies and tools to enhance this process.
The school’s methodology balances these tools to help students develop their own process to achieve the final solution, thereby giving them enough time to learn, explore, experiment and apply their knowledge and skills.
The School regularly organizes expert Lecture Series for supplementing the education being given and keep the students abreast with the latest developments in the Profession.
The B,Arch. programme is taught collaboratively by leading Academicians and visiting professionals through interactive lectures, hands-on workshops and studio based learning.
Site visits are regularly organized to SMVDU, Katra, IMFA, Talab Tillo, Mubarak Mandi Complex from time to time to enhance the learning experience.
In addition to above the school recently organised workshop on Architectural Education with experts from Delhi and collabrative workshop on Domes at Khoon with students from SMVDU, kKatra and ITI, RS Pura.
Bachelors in Architecture is probably the toughest professional course in the world.
This course makes the students learn all the major aspects of Engineering, Arts, Sociology, Humanities, Psychology and many others. And the scope of this field is ever-increasing unlike most of other professions.
Taking advantage of the presence of these two new Architecture Colleges in our state, it is an opportunity for the State youth to get familiar in totality with the prospects/challenges of the profession, which may help them to understand it first and ultimately pick it up with conviction as a career which the J&K state so badly needs
“As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster.