Welcome elections

As we all know that the elections for ULBS and Panchayats are underway. Some political parties in our State are celebrating it passionately and some are boycotting it. On the arrival of these elections streets, mohallas, enclaves are well decorated by political parties with the pamphlets, posters etc of their candidates, party symbol etc. For alluring people candidates are making efforts by taking out rallies on cars, bikes etc. Owing to democratic nature of our society all parties are striving hard to persuade Janta Janardhan (People).
Panchayati elections reinforce democratic system and make it more meaningful at ground level. So, we should be rational not bias while choosing our representatives in Panchayati elections. Also we have to make sure that we are not choosing any criminals.
Recently, Supreme Court has directed Parliament to enact the law for preventing the criminalization of politics. Supreme Court also said that party should show the antecedents of their contestants on its party website.
State Election Commission have to make sure that elections should be free and fair so that trust of people in election would remain intact.
Sahil Gupta