Webinar on “Building Startup Pitch Deck for Fund Raising” organised

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 27: Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO) in association with best-in-class incubator T-Hub Telangana organized a webinar today for J&K based Startups to prepare ‘Startup Pitch Deck’ and make J&K startup founders ready for delivering presentations for fundraising opportunities.
The objective of this webinar was to educate and train startup founders about preparing pitch decks, effective presentation skills and good storytelling to impress and convince ‘investors’ to raise funds for their startup ideas.
Dr Devansh Yadav, Managing Director, Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO) spoke about the J&K startup ecosystem and 13 incubators and their programs for startups. He talked about providing the right kind of environment and creating local job opportunities for J&K youth to stop migration.
He also mentioned about JKTPO upcoming event dedicated to J&K startups and bringing investors from across the nation to attend and interact with local startups.
The guest speaker, Vinutha Ralapalli, who is a Chartered Accountant by qualification with over a decade of Startup ecosystem experience and currently heads Startup investments and ecosystem at GMR Innovex was the guest speaker and she explained in depth about fund raising process, types of funding, quantum of money to be raised for Startups, things to do before and during Startup idea pitching.
She also discussed different elements of a ‘Startup Pitch Deck’ and their importance. She also took and answered questions of participants during the webinar.
Startups like FastBeetle, Thinksta, RideIT, JammuBasket, BigBeetal and others attended this webinar and got their queries resolved.
JKTPO in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education J&K is planning to organize ‘Innovation Summit 2022’ in the month of September 2022. Interested Startups can register at www.jktpo.in for more updates.