Wealth through Remedial Vaastu

Suresh S Duggar

When people think of getting rich quickly, they think of buying a lottery ticket and becoming a millionaire in a night which seems to be pretty surreal for everyone. They mostly think of drawing a treasure out of nowhere or doubling their wealth right out of the blue. They even want a magic wand that will magically multiply their wealth several times, without asking themselves the root cause of their financial problems. But truth is Remedial Vaastu techniques reveals the mystery of attracting more wealth into your homes, businesses and financial set ups.
Basically everybody knows money can fuel your life with luxury, joy and a great deal of satisfaction. The only bitter truth lies in this expensive world is that everyone wants the secret of getting rich as people also find it difficult to get on in life without sufficient money.
If you are facing business losses and looking for a financial turnaround, it is time take a sneak peek into your house through Vaastu perspective.
If you aren’t sure where to start from when it comes to investing, Vaastu can make your real estate investments easier and beneficial. An Vaastu expert diagnoses your home plan to know the root cause of your financial problems and suggests you demolition-free remedies that will effectively help to attract more wealth in your life.
As per Vastushastra you can get wealth from every direction. No direction is bad, you only need to use that direction. The eight directions are called the Ashta Lakshmi and from these eight directions only, you get the true wealth.
Therefore, these are also known as Ashta Digpal meaning the Devta or Lord of the Eight Directions and Ashta Lakshmi, i.e., the wealth coming from the eight directions.
Now the first and foremost wealth is clarity that we get from the North-East, the second wealth is connectivity that we acquire from the East.
The third wealth is that of money which we get from the South-East, the Vaastu Zone of Cash or Fire.
The fourth wealth is that of fame which we get from the South.
The next comes the South-West zone which gives us Skills & Expertise.
The North-West gives Strength & Support.
The North gives Opportunities.
Thus, if you are able to create these eight types of wealth from the eight directions, then only your life becomes truly precious!
Now, question is how to make money in your ventures. In fact, the direction we face, while performing an activity greatly affects its outcome. We start imbibing the characteristics of the direction we face. So, “Facing the Right Direction” while doing a result-oriented activity helps in achieving the desirable outcome faster.
These are some favorable directions for various activities in a business organization as per Vaastu rules.
Planning – Sitting in North-East, facing West
Sales – Sitting in East, facing West
Marketing – Sitting in South, facing North
Production – Sitting in South-West, facing West
Finance – Sitting in West, facing East
Management – Sitting in West, facing East
According to your business, choose the right direction which will give you complete success and prove profitable for your living.
Always remember you need not to break or re-construct in the name of Vastushastra for any reason, when simple, scientific and effective Vaastu solutions are available.
So, you need only to follow these Powerful Remedial Vaastu Guidelines for Attracting Wealth & Prosperity
Placement of Computer
Placing your computer in the South-East zone helps in maintaining the cash flow.
Traders, businessman- look at the T.V Placement
Placing T.V in the West zone is beneficial for people involved in business.
Money Plant Works Wonders
Place a Money Plant in a blue vase in the North zone of your home to attract more wealth into your lives.
Idol of Kuber
Placing a brass idol of Kuber in the North zone helps in attracting more wealth & prosperity in your lives. But remember no worshipping of Kuber.
Powerful remedy with Owl
Keep a brass Owl, in the West zone for abundance of wealth and prosperity in your lives.
When a person is suffering from financial losses day by day, then he should check the following and remove the problem from the root to get financial stability with simple remedies.
Reason 1
Entrance in South-East
What to do? Block this Entrance & open virtual most beneficial entrance
Reason 2
Blue color shades in South-East
What to do? Change color or use Enlightenment Technique as per Directional Strength.
Reason 3
Safe in South of South-West
What to do? Relocate your safe to West- South-West
Reason 4
Bedroom in South of South-West
What to do? Relocate your bed to South-West, West, North or any other direction except West-North-West and East-South-East.
Reason 5
Computer (for doing financial decision making) in East of South-East
What to do? Relocate it towards North and use Manthan Remedy in East-South-East. (A picture of Samudra Manthan)
Reason 6
Mirror in South of South-West
What to do? Remove it or cover it with Yellow or golden Curtain
(Writer is Vaastu Acharya & Master Numerologist)