Weaker sections under threat from fascist forces: SMP

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 5: National secretary general, Social Movement Party (SMP), Advocate Ashok Kumar Basotra today alleged that the SCs, STs, OBCs & minority communities are being attacked by the fascist forces in whole country and terror is being created by the so called upper castes in the minds of these people so that they shouldn’t even think of taking the reigns of this country into their hands.
Talking to reporters here, today he said recent attacks on the Bahujans in different parts of country has proved it beyond the doubt that Manuwadi forces and their political parties are hell bent on to crush these people by all means. To cite a few, Rohit Vemula case, Una case, Rajasthan case etc. and now Bhima Koregaon attack on the Bahujans has proved it, he added.
He said even in J&K State, the ruling PDP-BJP alliance not only deprived these Bahujans of political representation, but also deprived their representation in Government jobs and educational institutions by not providing them the reservation in appointments and promotions in accordance with the fundamental rights of the Constitution of India viz. Article 15 (4) & 16 (4). Even more than 60% of OBCs are getting no representation in Government employment and professional colleges at all, he added.
Basotra appealed to all the present State Legislatures & Parliament of India to abolish the political reservation in whole of the country as the political leaders elected on reserved seats are just puppets of Manuwadi political parties and fascist forces & Social Organizations who are working totally against the interests of the Bahujans. He further asserted that even Dr. B. R. Ambedker wanted to abolish the provisions of the Constitution of India within some years of its implementation giving such political reservation to the SCs & STs because of the same reason.
He further expressed that all these problems have been created by the oppressor ruling class in India which ruled the country under different Manuwadi political parties for the last 70 years simply because they wanted to crush the aboriginal indigenous Indians viz. SCs, STs, OBCs & minorities.