We discarded monarchy, some continue with it: Shah on Gandhis

GODHRA: Targeting the Gandhi family, BJP
chief Amit Shah Tuesday said India had embraced democracy and
discarded monarchy but “some people” continue to practice it.

Addressing BJP workers at Godhra town of Panchmahal
district, Shah also claimed that the prime minister’s seat is
reserved “by birth” in the Congress, wondering if a worker
from that party could ever think of occupying the top post.

“In a monarchy, the son or daughter of a king gets the
throne. Even his son-in-law could become a king. Though our
country has adopted democracy and discarded monarchy, some
people continued to practice it. They have made a mockery of
democracy,” Shah said, without naming the Gandhi family.

In the BJP, party workers do not need to take birth in
a particular family to occupy higher posts, the BJP chief
said, continuing his attack on the Gandhis.

“Can a Congress worker ever think of becoming a prime
minister? No. Because that seat is reserved by birth in that
party,” Shah said. In the BJP, a worker can become a chief
minister or even a prime minister, he added.