Ways to strengthen immunity

Ayush Bali
Many people neglect the fact that our immune system is the greatest defense when it comes to fighting health issues or diseases.
Stronger the immune, lesser are the possibilities of you going downhill with an illness. Also in the midst of this COVID_19 outbreak, people with a weaker immune system are at more risk of getting affected by the virus than others.
So, here are some of the things that can help you boost up your immune system so that you can shield your self from diseases:
Diet: nutritious diet is fundamental to a stronger immune, The WHO guidance on diet,
especially during the current pandemic states that
“Good nutrition is crucial for health, particularly in times when the immune system might need to fight back”.
Your belly is at the center of your health, so you should eat foods that keep your belly happy and healthy.
Food like probiotics, leafy vegetables, plant-based food, cultured food, etc. are friendly to your gut.
Also, you should be eating food with a higher antioxidant level that helps you fight against cell damage and body invaders.
Along with that, you should be consuming a well-balanced diet comprising of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. in order to strengthen your immune.
Sleep: Healthy sleeping is also one of the pillars of a healthy life.
Sleep and Immune are closely interconnected. Insufficient sleep can affect your health in a really bad way and may increase the chances of you getting sick.
Research also shows that people who don’t get good sleep are more prone to developing the disease after getting in contact with a virus or bacteria.
While the person is sleeping the immune system produces cytokines(A type of protein) that helps the body to fight infection or inflammation,
so the sleep pattern will really affect how fast or slow will the person heal from the sickness.
Exercise: There is a really strong link between working out and the body’s immune system.
Not only that, doing a light workout on a daily basis will reduce the risk of you having a health issue.
Exercise can be in any form, yoga, a light walk/jog, a gym workout, or anything that you are capable of doing.
Doing exercise daily increases your cardiovascular activity
so, the blood is pumped through your body rapidly resulting in flushing out of the toxin present in the body. Not only that, have a regular moderate exercise session can result in better production, distribution, and strengthening of WBC allowing them to detect the harmful oraganism before they even causes any problem and everybody knows WBC’s are the fighters of our body so the more they are present in our body, the stronger our body becomes in fighting against any virus.
Stress: having a stressful life can affect you both physically and mentally.
Being stressed can hinder the proper working of the immune system and can make you more prone to diseases. Not only this, stress can also lead to many health issues like high blood pressure and can even lead to a heart attack or a stroke.
When your body is under stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol that can result in struggling of your body in normalizing its inflammatory system as a result it can attack itself. So it really really important to manage your stress level. You can do that by doing the stuff you like or by doing light exercise or some meditation,but if these things aren’t working out then my opinion is to consult a doctor.
So, in the end I would like to say that in today’s time, your body is the only thing you should care about and you can do that by implementing the above-given things in your life. Even if you are not able to implement all of them together take one step at a time but make sure you don’t quit.
Because all of us know that, “Health is the greatest wealth, Its the only thing you truly own!”
So, we should try to preserve it.