Vomedh commemorates its 12th Foundation Day

A scene from the play 'Zui Gabbar' staged at Abhinav Theatre Jammu on Sunday.
A scene from the play 'Zui Gabbar' staged at Abhinav Theatre Jammu on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 19: ‘Zui Gabbar’, a famous Kashmiri opera written by Prem Nath Dhar in early sixties was today staged at Abhinav Theatre by the renowned theatre group Vomedh Rangmanch to commemorate its 12th Foundation day.
Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (M) TK Bhat was the chief guest while Dr Sandeep Mawa, Chairman, United Peoples Party presided over the function.
The audience was spell bound by the sheer scale, performance coordination and direction of this famous opera staged by the artists of Vomedh group and ably directed by Rohit Bhat which was staged after 58 years as its first performance was in Delhi in 1961.
“Zui Gabbar”, Folk play written and staged by the renowned Urdu and Hindi writer Late Prem Nath Dhar is a unique experience now to go back to year, 1960. What was relevant then is relevant today also. The unique culture of brotherhood, society at large, the way of interaction and bonding between Kashmiri people is of utmost importance and the inheritance of Kashmiriyat is still prevailing within the people of Jammu and Kashmir who believe it is the secular thread that binds us together. Times may have changed for some due to the upheaval since 1989-1990. But at heart we cherish the same flavour when (haakavajen) the Kashmiri Saag selling lady “Khatij Ded” is enchanting the buyers with her sweet voice in a sing song manner to buy (haakh) Saag from her. It is not only the selling part of her nature we get to see or understand. It is her caring and friendly nature that attracts buyers to her. Kamli, Tulsi, Tarawati, Anand Pandit (The Hakeem) Sonna, (Ice Candy Seller) Samma Kak, Moma Kak, and Pandit who understand and are sympathetic towards her because she has been shunned by her elder son Khazara, The dry fish seller( Hogada) and his wife.
Artists who performed in the play include Khatej as Daizy Bazaz, Kamle- Sashi Naqiab, Shiv Ji/ Darvesh- Ramesh Pandita, Tulsi-Priya, Khazer-Shazi Khan, Sone/Rehman Dar -Shivam Kaul, Anand Pandit/Prithvi Nath -Ashesh Bhat, Tarawati -Bharti Koul and Kaderas Sarthak.
The play is written by Late Prem Nath Dhar, designed by Manzoor Ahmad Mir, directed by Rohit Bhat, creative director Rakesh Roshan Bhat, music Rajesh Khar, makeup- Manoj Dhammir, publicity Pankaj Handoo, lights Pankaj, Sound Lokesh Hall Management-Tara Ji and Team, Cartographer Akash Dogra, Anchor Bindiya Tickoo, Media Advisor King C Bharti, Costume Bharti Koul, Property Rajni Bhatti, Back Stage, Rajat, Rajni, Suman, Shoki, Rakesh Tickoo, singer Shazia Bashir, Rajesh Khar, Nirmala and Sumeeta.