Vocal for Local

After Make in India and Start up India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon the nation to go Vocal for Local. The resolve to boost domestic manufacturing is commendable. Prime Minister’s recent sales pitch of Vocal about Local is the Indian equivalent of US president Donald Trump ‘ America First’. The PM urged the people of India to believe in and purchase local products in order to strengthen the economy of the country. According to him India’s local products have helped the country immensely in tackling the Corona Virus crisis. Para military ( CAPFs )canteens have been directed to sell only Made in India products from June 1 or they can sell those non local products which are manufactured in India, with Indian raw material grown in Indian farms and where the laborers involved are from India.
Like Japan which is known for the electronic gadgets like musical systems LEDs, automobiles etc. India is famous for its hosiery, woolen clothes, fabrics, auto mobiles, foot wears of Agra and Kanpur, Cotton cloth from DCM, JCT Phagwara Dimond Industries of Gujarat, Southern Sarees and the endless products but being the biggest nation needs much to be manufactured in the local sector.
There is only way to follow the slogan given by the PM, establish the local trade and give a wide publicity to it which can ensure job to every hand and self reliance for the nation.
Shiv Kumar Padha